Pokemon 2: Gold & Silver [GB – Beta / Concept]

Pokemon 2: Gold & Silver [GB – Beta / Concept]

In 1997, Nintendo put the first details and screenshots of their next Pocket Monsters game online. It was initially named “Pocket Monsters 2 Gold & Silver”, and was developed for Game Boy and Super Game Boy and was planned for release at the end of the same year.

One of the main points posted was the addition of a skateboard as a secondary transportation method besides the bicycle from the previous games. It was said that the skateboard would allow the player to go to unusual places. Also mentioned in the releases were the integrated RTC (Real Time Clock), additional evolutions for Red/Green/Blue Pokémon, breeding and Pokémon eggs, 100 new Pokémon boosting the total amount to 251, new technical and hidden machines, new attacks, and better in-battle graphics. The game’s communication abilities were also improved, adding trading and fighting between each version and backwards compatibility with R/G/B.

The Pokémon in Pokémon Gold and Silver were just a few of many different designs that Game Freak created. Only 100 new Pokémon were added, and even those often went through redesigns before making it into the final product.”

Info from: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

The original Starters were Kurusu, Honooguma and Happa (early design for Chikorita).

The Beta Safari Zone is an area programmed into Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions, which the programmers attempted to remove from the rest of the in-game world by deleting the entrances. It was intended to be located in Fuchsia City, as its Pokemon Red & Blue counterpart was. Although the entrances to the Safari Zone were removed, the warps still exist, so it is possible to enter the area. However, players should not save within the area without a teleporting Pokémon because the exits were fully removed. It’s possible that this zone was not finished because the team did not have enough time.

Thanks to Enricothedark for the contribution! Info from: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

You can also find a lot of information on the development of the games from Celebi23’s Poket Monsters 2 archive! Credit to “I am Christina Aguilera” from Lost Levels forums for the “Japanese Gameboy Magazine” scans!


Video (from 1:58 to 2:05: POKEMON GOLD BETA):

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23 thoughts on “Pokemon 2: Gold & Silver [GB – Beta / Concept]

  1. Stephen

    Alot Of Stuff Including The Skateboard Would Have Been Really Cool. The Sad Part Though Is That They Could Have Put It In , Heart Gold & Soul Silver + Some Of The Pokemon That Didnt Make It.

  2. Stephen

    Sup Unseen64 & Pokemon Fans?. As Some Of Us Know Unseen64 Had Shared With Us That If a Japanese & English Copy Of This Game Were Linked Together , You Could See Giavoni. But Anyways My Friend Owns a Japanese , Pokemon Gold Version. So As Soon As Possible I Will Take a Picture Of Giavoni To Donate To Unseen64. Sadly There Is a Problem With The Japanese One Because If Might Freeze. I Will Post If The Picture Can Make It Or Not In The Future.

  3. Mauro

    Púse el video porque también pensé que era telefe xD Ojalá vuelva Nivel X alguna vez, con especialistas de la talla de Christian Kreckler, e infaltable la presencia de Lionel. Hay que tener fé *.*

  4. chloexxx

    pic 2. beta pre evolution to marill maybe?
    pic 6. maybe beta seal? or pre evolution maybe?
    pic 10. somthing to do with pikachu maybe a evolution?
    pic 13. almost 100% sure its a beta girafraig
    pic 16. quilfish maybe?
    pic 20. almost 100% sure its a beta chikorita

    soz just had to comment this ^.^

  5. Zack

    Oh my goodness…

    Let me clear up like 1000 things.

    1. Pokemon is short for “Pocket Monsters.” Poketo Monsuta. Pokemon. See?

    2. That seal thing is not a beta Seel or a beta pre-evolution of Seel. Originally that was going to be the water starter. In the alpha demo that they had set up at Spaceworld 97 you could choose that…thing, the fire-Pika-ripoff, or Chiko-blob as your starter. They started at like…level six or seven and had their first three moves.

    3. Capsule Monsters was the original name that they were throwing around. Even more interesting, you could have possibly bought Pokemon kind of like toys from Gashapon Machines. This was scrapped for Pokemon Green and Red, of course, and renamed as Pocket Monsters.

    4. Of course picture thirteen is a beta Girafarig. It was wild in the alpha beta that was available to be played at Spaceworld 97. Same for picture sixteen, the beta Quilfish.

    5. Picture two is not a beta pre-evolution to Marill. Marill is a Johto Pokemon; second generation. That Pokemon is a beta version of Marill itself.

  6. bork

    is this site abandoned or did you just erase a ton of articles??
    i can’t find anymore the pocket monsters rpg article ( along with many, many others )

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