Axel Rage [PS2 – Cancelled]

Axel Rage [PS2 – Cancelled]

“Russian developers Akella are working on Axel Rage for PlayStation 2 and PC, for the little known publisher 1C Company. The game stars Duke Nuke’em lookalike Axle, a respected member of the ‘No Dice’ motorbike gang. Trouble is brewing in Nailsdale – a post-apocalyptic city built on an artificial coastal sea platform – and so it’s Axel’s job to sort things out. Because he’s hard and stuff. Viewed from a third person perspective, the developers promise a highly interactive experience. Nearly everything can be used as a weapon and items such as bottles and furniture can be broken for fun. Combat on the other hand comes in three flavours – armed, unarmed and astride your motobike, Road Rash style.The graphics engine is being supplied by RenderWare, so you can bet your bottom Nailsdale dollar that it’ll look the part, even if the game’s title is a cheesy one. It’ll be out next year somewhen.” [now cancelled]

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