ChopLifter [PS2 – Cancelled?]

ChopLifter [PS2 – Cancelled?]

“If you can remember the ChopLifter games, then well done – you have a memory. For those who don’t, they were basic 2D side scrolling affairs which saw you transporting civilians from scenes of war to safe spots. According to the press release Xiact are adding “every bell and whistle you could possibly want” to this 3D remake, which answers to the name ChopLifter: Crisis Shield.The helicopters on offer range over civilian choppers and military machines, while missions include volcano and flood scenarios and a mountain top plane crash rescue. There are ever-changing weather conditions too, including a tornado and thick snow that will no doubt hinder your visibility.” [now cancelled]

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3 thoughts on “ChopLifter [PS2 – Cancelled?]

  1. MateusAuri

    This is a weird one… apparently a localization of either “Air Ranger 2: Rescue Helicopter” (Japan, 2002) or “Air Ranger 2 Plus: Rescue Helicopter” (Japan, 2003). The GameFAQs page lists an actual european release in 2004, but there isn’t much more info on it.
    There’s this thread in which someone claims to have a demo disc for it (with pictures of a dodgy looking box), then someone claims it was released in the Netherlands, and then someone else says it was cancelled:
    And this site that supposedly offers a download:

    1. MateusAuri

      Mind you, gamefabrique is probably not trustworthy, I’d advice you not to download stuff from them unless you can isolate it in a 100% safe environment to check if there is actually something useful about this game.

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