Final Fantasy 13 (XIII) [PS2 – Prototype]

Final Fantasy 13 (XIII) [PS2 – Prototype]

Final Fantasy 13 was released in 2009 for Playstation 3, but the first prototypes for the game were created on Ps2 even before FFXII release. In this page we can see some pics from the old-gen version that were recently published in two official japanese artbooks / guides.

Unfortunately, it seems that Square did only some early testing of the battle system before switching the development to the Ps3. Even the characters (Yuna and Rikku from FFX) are placeholders, but, interestingly, in the last screenshots they appear to be cell-shaded.

Thanks to Proto1 for the contribution!


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5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 13 (XIII) [PS2 – Prototype]

  1. Alex

    I need to check out the art books that I have and see if I can find any higher-resolution versions of these pictures.

    I know I have in one of my Kingdom Hearts books a very early concept sketch of Sora as a lion (!) with a tail and everything as his original design.

    I also have some very, very early concept art of Final Fantasy X when it was known as project “17 Seventeen.” (Bet you didn’t know that.) I’m going to try to get those scanned out of the FF 25th Anniversary Ultimania book before FFX’s HD re-release.

  2. Alex

    The FF 25th Anniversary book came out last December and I was shocked when I saw the page with the early FFX concept art because I think it’s never been seen before. I don’t think any of the artwork is on the Internet. It still surprises me when I find stuff that’s “not on the internet” but it’s out there. The Japanese Wikipedia FFX page has a one-line trivia that says “Final Fantasy X originally began development under the title ‘Seventeen'” but beyond that I can’t find much on the internet and virtually zero in English.

  3. PatteRose

    Apparently ils a true picture of FFXIII on ps2 right before theh moved it to ps3. Snow ps2 model was also mined. (You can see it on jul forum (tcrf forum i believe) alongside with hope ps2 model and beta Yuj model.

    What is chocking me is that this scène from this ps2 pic is actualité on ps3

    I wonder. Was versus xiii planed for ps2 at some points?

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