Spyro The Dragon [PSX – Beta]

Spyro The Dragon [PSX – Beta]


In the screen below we can see a beta version of Spyro The Dragon: the statue has another appearance in the final game and is not made of gold. The red gem inside the “return home portal” is not in there anymore. In the final game when the player touches a dragon statue, the dragon that is captured inside there will come out: the first dragon that Spyro rescues was called Silvus in the beta.

Also, Dirty Harry found some more differences in this beta demo:

  • Alternate music before rescuing Nestor.
  • Vortex looked more like the Dragon Pads.
  • Alternate dialogue from rescued dragons. Completely different voice from Nestor.
  • 1-ups are gold instead of silver.

Spyro was originally going to be a “traditional” green dragon but the developers chosed purple instead because it was more original. In the artworks, we can even see some different character designs for Spyro.

Thanks a lot to Lord Deathsaur, Dudaw and Dirty Harry for the contributions!


June 1998 Beta:

June 1998 Beta:

July 1998 Beta:

Change Log:

Gh0stBlade – Added June 1998 vids recorded by LXShadow/July 1998 beta video! 08/12/14

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4 thoughts on “Spyro The Dragon [PSX – Beta]

  1. Unvaluablespace

    To all wondering about the beta demo in the second video, I recall this very same demo being in one of the old “official us playstation magazine” demo discs from back In the Psx days.

    I was young then so I don’t remember much about it but I remember all those exact statues and things mentioned. Haha I played this so much as a kid I rememebered the dragons word for word! I was lip syncing to the video parts lol.

    Also, I can’t remember if it was the demo for the first game, or the demo for the second game (in yet another OPM demo) but I recall pulling off some sort of a glitch to get outside the boundaries in the demo. Not sure what there was, if anything at all, after that, but there was some way to jump over an “invisible wall” or sorts. Sorry I can’t remember much more of that.

  2. dessertmonkeyjk

    Hey, my video’s here! Yes that was from a demo disc but there was no gold dragon statue and no green gem in the HUD.

    Here’s what I didn’t cover: HUD is arranged differently, text boxes are placeholders for some dragons, opening theme is playing in Artisan instead of the retail one

  3. dessertmonkeyjk

    Also, the reason for him being purple instead of green was that he blended in too much with the environments early on so they wanted him to stand out.

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