Tiberium [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Tiberium [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Tiberium is a cancelled tactical FPS set in the Command & Conquer universe, that was in development by EA Los Angeles (EALA) and it had been in production for two years. Tiberium was cancelled on September 30, 2008 due to the game’s failure to meet “quality standards set by the development team and the EA Games label”. [Infos from Wikipedia]

You can read more about the cancellation at Kotaku.

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7 thoughts on “Tiberium [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

  1. Unkown

    Like always EA doing bullshit… This time canceled good game becuase they was dont got enought brains to create feature warfare fps…

  2. TiberiumTrooper

    i honestly hope they bring this game back now that nod is out of the way… I mean it would be good to get tiberium based warfare back on top with the complete and utter failure of command and conquer 4. and also from all of the trailers that were either released or not released, it kind of looked almost like it would take place after tiberium twilight. also furthermore, if anyone has read command and conquer 3 tiberium wars novel, tiberium taking place after command and conquer 4 would coincide with the age differentials. in TIBERIUM vega is what, 36-39 years old? it would tie in great. plus with all of these next-gen graphics and frostbites new frostbite2 engine, the game would have excellent backup. if only EA weren’t so hard headed, they could really profit off of something like this, instead of having to rely on their last popular RTS series to pull them out of the gutter, “Red Alert.” if making command and conquers’ tiberium universe means converting it to a FPS which would coincide greatly with the modern genre of FPS combat games, then DO IT! don’t sit back waiting for all of this to hopefully blow over like the toy industry and try re-releasing the same game 10 years later! because you will still have people like us who still remember.

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