Urchin (Rare Ltd.) [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

Urchin (Rare Ltd.) [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

Urchin was an adventure fantasy / horror game that was in development at Rare Ltd. for Xbox 360. A few pieces of concept art were revealed by Rare artist Ryan Firchau at the “Nordic Game Conference”, held in Malmö in Sweden in May 2008.

While details are scarce, it is known that Urchin was in development by the team that was responsible for Conker: Live and Reloaded. After that title, was released, they helped finishing Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360 launch before regrouping as the “Conker team” again. In late 2006, Urchin was cancelled after only a few months of work.

As Zenek has wrote on the Rare-Extreme Forum, it appears as if there was a Dumbot from Conker: Live & Reloaded named “Urchin Pig Girl”. From this little easter egg and from one of the concept arts leaked, we can speculate that the protagonist of Urchin was going to be that little girl with her pig, called Lilith. Other game characters were a professor (The Dean?), werewolves and zombies.

Some more info on this cancelled project were shared in an interview with Chris Seavor:

Well, Urchin was the little thing I always wanted to make and who knows may well still make one day (not called Urchin obviously)…… A lovely , creepy , beautiful and tight little fairy tale for those who felt short changed by Fable’s good v bad mechanic.. In Urchin, it was ALL about being bad :)

Urchin had a ton of concepts done, some design, and the whole story arc figured out… I’d planned it as 3 games, each with a cliffhanger ending.

Another interview from Eurogamer:

Chris Seavor: Yeah. I wanted a change and I asked them. They said, okay, we’ll get back to you. That’s when I started Urchin, which was a dark fairytale from the point of view of a character who was the baddie rather than a good character. It was in the mould of Fable. The hook was, it wasn’t about whether you were good or bad. It was about how bad you were. But it was moral in that badness is down to your point of view, which is how I managed to get it to work in terms of problems parents might have with it.

When you killed the princess and ripped open her guts to get her heart, which was one of the quests, on the face of it it looked like you were quite a bad character, but in reality you’d then find out the princess was an evil vampire character who was killing local girls. That was an example quest. That’s how we managed to pitch it so it was all right with all the ratings people. That would have been quite good. It was certainly different.

When were you making Urchin?

Chris Seavor: Straight after Live & Reloaded, for the Xbox 360. We did a load of stuff. We had the graphics looking great on that. We spent a good eight months on that. We had a fighting system I called “Dirty Fighting”. The girl was quite brutal. So when she fights she has to use everything. She’s not very strong so she has to be very clever. So she does things like kick them in the knackers and use traps. She had a pall, this pig, who you also used in quests. He was quite heavy and strong, and she was quite light. It was a kind of a Banjo-Kazooie dynamic in that one was helping the other and one had strengths and one had weaknesses. But it was also about the character.

We did the thing Molyneux said he was going to do with the dog in Fable. We had already done it with the pig in that it was also the thing that was your manual, the in-game help. He would tell you stuff and say, oh, that’s interesting, what’s over there? And off he’d run. It worked really well.

Chris Seavor: It was going along and going along, and Microsoft were quite interested and then they weren’t. Just at that point when we were going shall we do this or not, are we going to pitch this for a greenlight, Chris and Tim said, oh, do you want to do PD? I went, oh, all right then. So we carried on with that.

That was another one of those things where I look back and think, should I have done that? Should I have stuck to my guns? I don’t know. It’s hard to say.

Another interesting description of Urchin was written by Xellos in the Playtonic forum:

It was an game about a roughly 12-year old gothic female child. You would have a wild boar as a companion solving the game’s various obstacles and puzzles. He was quite heavy and strong, and the girl was quite light. It was a kind of a Banjo-Kazooie dynamic in that one was helping the other and one had strengths and one had weaknesses.

There was going to be a fighting system in place called “Dirty Fighting”. The girl was going to be quite brutal. When she fights she has to use everything. Since she’s not very strong, so she has to be very clever to survive. She would do things like kick her opponents in the balls, or use traps to kill them.

It was going be having a dark fairytale like story. For example: One of the quests would involve you killing a princess and ripping open her guts to get her heart, on the face of it it looked like you were quite a bad character, but in reality you’d then find out the princess was an evil vampire who was killing local girls.

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17 thoughts on “Urchin (Rare Ltd.) [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma Post author

      Thanks for the info Oolon, i should have though about the Conker-team, seeing the “Urchin Pig Girl” Dumbot in C:L&R it makes sense!

  1. Refurs

    Don’t think so as he worked in the GBA team during that time and was then put into the Conker team ;)
    You can also look at Dinosaur Planet or SFA concept art from that era, those were not as detailed as these :)

  2. gabrielwoj

    I guess RARE can’t hold on Microsoft… Most of games are cancelled!
    Also it really surprised me, this game looks more real, not as fantasy games (such as Banjo/Conker)…

  3. MPNagem89

    and yet rare didn’t cancel grabbed by the ghoulies, viva pinata, banjo-kazooie nuts and bolts, kameo, conker live and reloaded and finally kinect sports. how sad.

  4. KeVBoarD

    and another interesting game by rare cancelled because of those fu**ing kinect games? WHAT THE FU** Microsoft? WHAT…. THE…. FU**?

  5. Balobo


    With the exception of Kinect Sports, we really wouldn’t want those games to have been cancelled.

  6. MPNagem89

    the thing is rare is starting to get worse balobo and like it or not some of their latest game are GOD AWFUL the only newer rare games that are good are diddy kong racing ds and star fox adventures

  7. Alex

    I totally agree. Urchin, Banjo-Threeie, Conker 2, Perfect Dark 2, Perfect Dark Core, Dream, Kameo 2, Killer Instinct 3 and a lot of good titles have been cancelled while Kinect Sports and its sequel (which came only a year later the first, when it’s been eight years between Banjo-Tooie and it’s sequel!) have been released.

  8. Alfredo

    The way they described the interaction with the boar, reminds me to Tricky from Star Fox Adventures.
    Could it be that they took inspiration from there?

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