Killer 7: Beta Characters

Killer 7: Beta Characters

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Here is a list with informations and comparisons about those Killer 7 characters that were changed or removed though the development of the game.

Beta Matsuken / Dimitri?

This man was in one of the early K7 trailers and in a couple of beta screenshots, but he’s not in the final game.. or at least he does not look like this anymore. Could this be an early design of Kenjiro Matsuoka (Matsuken, the new leader of the United Nations Party)? Or maybe Dimitri Nightmare (the man sitting beside young Harman in one of the latest cutscenes in Target 05: Smile)? Why was he shown in “black & white” shades?



Here’s Matsuken in the final game:


And here’s Dimitri (on the right):


imho, the unknown man could really have been an early version of Kenjiro Matsuoka: it looks more like Matsuken (the suit and the pose on the table), plus the “black & white” image could have been a way to show that he was “possessed” by Kun Lan (as it happens in the final game). As Kirby7 from the Killer 7 Sindacate points out, this man could also have been Jaco Checkbox or Michiru Kosaka, characters from the Silver Case game.

Unknown target?

I dont have a clue about who this man could be: he was shown in the very first concept trailer of Killer 7 but he does not looks like anyone from the final game. The only hint that we have is that in the concept video he seems to be the target of a sniper, so he could have been someone to kill in a mission. Another possibility could be.. a really different and early version of Mills.



Beta Linda Vermilon?

In the first K7 concept trailer we can also see this woman, that looks somewhat like a nun (but probably she seems a nun to me just because they are near a church in this scene). She could have been an early version of Linda Vermilon (the woman that kills Mills) and it’s interesting to notice that she had some connections with Kun Lan and that Dan shots to her for some reasons.


This woman was talking with Kun Lan in the same trailer:


And here’s Linda Vermilon in the final game:


Apart from the colors / revelations of her clothes, she looks almost the same as the one in the first trailer. As we can read in a couple of articles by the Killer 7 SINdacate (you can check them here and here), it’s interesting to notice that the final design of Linda was inspired by a 1970’s Japanese erotic film series known as Female Convict Scorpion and by Vermilion Pleasure Night’s Quickgirl. Probably they decided to change her appearances to make her more similar to Mary and Lady Scorpion.

As Kirby7 from the K7S explains: “Mary (from Quickgirl) was an obvious parody of the Lady Scorpion character (from Female Convict Scorpion). The scorpion character is an escaped convict who was really a godlike deity of vengeance walking among men. Mary from Vermilion Pleasure Night on the other hand seems to be Linda’s direct inspiration, because both of them happen to be snipers, both dress & look like the Scorpion, both happen to be assassins, and… Linda’s surname is Vermilion.”

Beta Con Smith

In this shot taken from the concept trailer, it seems that Con had longer hair / bandana in his original design. Also, a beta screen show that originally Con was able to use the “Enemy Slow” ability, a special move that in the final game can only be used by Kevin and Dan.



Beta Garcian Smith

In the beta version Garcian used a pair of sun glasses (that he never wears in the final game) and in the original concept trailer he did not even had his beard. His suit was purple, while in the final game he only wears in white and black.



And here’s Garcian as in the final version:


Beta Kaede Smith

Kaede was really different in the concept trailer: he had longer hair and full clothes! In the final game he wears just a tiny dress / towel (but she had already blood on her original clothes). While her nickname is “barefoot” in the final game, as she does not wear any shoes, in a beta screen it seems that she had high heel shoes.



Here’s Kaede in the final game:


Beta Coyote Smith

Coyote was not shown in the original concept trailer, but we can see him in this early concept image. He looked a bit different from the final version (does he have more muscles?) and he never wears any clothes of those colors.


Here’s Coyote in the final game:


Beta Harman Smith

In the early trailers “old” Harman was still able to walk (with a walking cane), but in the final version he’s always on a wheelchair. Could these be scenes from his past, that were cut from the game? In the “Hand in Killer 7” book we can read that in the “original” storyline:

Dan Smith tried to kill Harman in a fit of lunacy. Harman was wounded mortally; he fell into a state of suspended animation. Samantha left her work as a killer persona and began taking care of him.”

If this is really what was meant to happen in the story, then it’s possible that originally we were able to see / play in the game those parts of the plot before Harman was shot by Dan. Another possibility is that the Harman-in-a-wheelchair character design was created only later, just because it looked more “cool”.


Here’s old Harman in the final game:


Beta Kevin Smith

In the first beta screenshot below, Kevin is probably just in a weird position, but it looks different from the final model. In another image taken from a trailer, he wears beta sun glasses (i could be wrong, but i dont remember those ones in the final game).



Final sun glasses?


Beta MASK de Smith

The beta MASK is almost the same as the final one, but he did not had his cape and the Double Grenade Launchers 3D models are different from the final ones.


Here’s Mask in the final game:


An interesting introduction for MASK De Smith can be see in one of the beta videos, in which he appears almost naked in an unknown corridor. This scene was completely removed from the finale game: MASK is never half-naked in the final game, he never wears a yellow cape, the corridor and those doors are not in any of the final levels. Maybe in the beta version MASK was going to start the game with only his boxer shorts and he would had received his clothes to evolve in his final wrestling costume (as it happens in the final game, but with different complete costumes).




Beta Andrei Ulmeyda

In the beta Ulmeyda had a t-shirt with the “TEXAS BRONCO” text written twice (instead of once). We can even notice that the TV Channel was still not the  ZaKaTV (as in the final game, an easter egg from Michigan: Report From Hell, another Suda 51 game), but the “GBC Live“.


Ulmeyda in the final game:


Sundance Shot

This is probably the most interesting beta character that was completely removed from Killer 7. He was briefly seen in one of the early trailers, in which he was talking with someone.


As fans of Suda 51 already know, this man is Sundance Shot, a character that was previously seen in the “Silver Case” games and “Flower, Sun & Rain“. As we can read from the Killer 7 SINdacate, Sundance only appeared in the intro for Silver Case but he doesn’t actually appear in-game until FSR.

As Kirby7 from the KS7 explains: “It should be noted that although Sundance was not physically in Silver Case. His influence still played an important part in the game. Due to events that happened 20 years before the game starts. These events that have been claimed to have been orchestrated by Sundance are what is commonly classified as the Silver Case (Assassinations).

I don’t want to spoil the plot of the Silver Case and FSR, but if you are interested in the connections between Killer 7 and the other Suda 51 games, you should check the Killer 7 SINdacate “Kill The Past” article for more informations.

Why was Sundance Shot in Killer 7? Why was he removed? What kind of role did he had in the K7 storyline? Probably we’ll never know for sure. It’s interesting to notice that another character from FSR is still in Killer 7: Ed / Edo MacAlister, who works at the reception desk of the Union Hotel in K7, works as the FSR hotel receptionist too.

When you see Edo at the Union Hotel in Killer 7, he speaks to you as if you were Sumio Mondo from Flower, Sun & Rain. This has no relevance in the final retail release of Killer 7 (Edo’s just a cameo), but it could have been more relevant in the original plot of K7 in which Sundance was still present.

A Nintendo DS port of Flower, Sun & Rain was released in English in Europe in November 2008 and an American version will be available in June 2009. If you want to know more about Sundance Shot, Edo MacAlister, Sumio Mondo and their story, the best way would be to play Flower, Sun & Rain on your DS.

We’ll try to translate the Sundance Shot japanese dialogue in the beta screens as soon as possible


Beta “Red Gunners”

In the first mission of the game, we meet the “Red Gunners” group, four people who were attacked by Heaven Smiles, inside the Celtic Building. As we can read in the “Hand in Killer 7” book, the “Red Gunners” are a small group of organized criminals, whose base of operations is the Celtic building. They consist of two men and two women and they were all killed / possessed when they ran into the Heaven Smiles.

From the beta trailer we can see that originally the Red Gunner had a different charactert design / different clothes than the ones in the final game.


Here’s the same girl in the final game:


It’s interesting to notice that in the beta trailer it seems that Coyote shots to the  corpse of the girl for some reason.



The first Red Gunner is the one that welcomes Dan as soon as he starts the Angel mission. Beta version:


Final version of the same Red Gunner (to note the different room, but we’ll analyze the beta levels in another section):


Beta Version:


Final Version:


Another beta Red Gunner:


Final Version:


Beta Curtis Blackburn

In the beta version Curtis had slightly different face, hair and clothes (he looked almost like Toru Fukushima).


Final version:


Beta Curtis’s Bitch

The girl killed by Curtis in the intro video of Target 03 – Encounter had different lingerie in the beta (and also the car interior was changed through the development).


Curtis’s bitch in the final game:


Beta girl from Encounter

The Encounter mission starts with a video in which Curtis enters in a building and kills many people: in the last scene we see a girl on a divan, that looks at Curtis after he killed all those around her. In the beta version, this girl had a different dress and the divan was smaller than the final one:


The same girl in the final game:


As Kirby7 made us to notice, this girl is Ayame Blackburn  (the anime-girl boss) without her mask.

Killer 7 – Beta Characters Analysis COMPLETE.

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