Take The Bullet [DreamCast – Cancelled]

Take The Bullet [DreamCast – Cancelled]

Take the Bullet was a planned light gun video game for Sega Dreamcast from Red Lemon Studios. Unusually for its genre, it showed the character’s weapon on screen as in a first-person shooter, had an optional third-person view and was slated to have both online and split-screen multiplayer modes.

The game was originally announced for a Christmas 1999 release in Europe. This date was missed. As of March 2001, it was still planned for release, but never actually came out. It was never planned for release in North America.  – [info from Wikipedia]

Thanks to Jenkins and eSPy for the contributions!



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11 thoughts on “Take The Bullet [DreamCast – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma

      Awesome! Thanks Celine :) I’m happy to see more from this game, the DC needed some more good FPS.. a playable beta version of this should be in the hands of some collectors.. maybe sooner or later it could be leaked.

  1. Meringues

    I know at least one person has some version of this, a few years back I was a prolific poster on the message boards at Dreamcasthistory.com before they closed and reopened to what it is now.

    Anyway, one of the other UK based members had what I believe was a white label copy of the game, Im not sure how complete it was (white labels where usually complete promo versions of the games in Europe) but the member was quite cagey when asked about it, and especially vocal in stating he would not be releasing it, his posts did come across in quite an aggressive manner when people would insist on asking questions about it.

    He did however take some pictures of his TV screen playing the game, which might even be the ones featured here, it was too long ago now for me to remember, I know its nothing new but I just wanted to mention it as I think he had a complete version of the game and I was always very envious when he decided to post about it, its sad that some collectors want to hoard things.

    1. monokoma

      Yes as far as i remember, the images from the TV are from that Dreamcasthistory user! We really hope that, even if the game will not be leaked soon, if there’s still some collectors with a copy of this, they could record some videos.. it would be nice to see in motion :O

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Edge did a follow up on this, damned if i can find article at present, but seem to recal talk of game being moved and possibly re-worked to a degree, onto PS2 and Red Lemon had plans to release it on that instead.

    Don’t quote me though, till i find said article :-)

    1. monokoma

      This was one of the most interesting cancelled games for the Dreamcast imho, a playable beta is in the hands of some collectors, maybe one day it will be leaked

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Found Edge’s follow up look at the game.Basically when Red Lemon started work on the game, the Dreamcast was known as Katana and they struggled with the evolutionary process the hardware went through, plus they failed to manage everyone on the team as well as they could of and a few staff failed to deliver, according to quote given.As a result, game suffered from ‘slippage’ and by the time it was back on track, Sega had found the Dreamcast struggling to survive in the market and thus they (Sega) decided to cease development.

    Red Lemon did attempt to ‘rework’ the game to PS2, however the company went bust and Visual Science bought the IP.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    At the time, when asked if it was still coming, Sega Europe stated game had been delayed to them evaluating the game and asking it to be taken back to the drawing board for a major overhaul.

    This was in early 2000

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