Grandia 2 [Beta / Debug – Dreamcast]

Grandia 2 [Beta / Debug – Dreamcast]

Grandia 2 was originally released on Dreamcast in 2000, but it was announced a couple of years before and Game Arts published a few beta screenshots that show how they wanted the game to look in the end. Some parts were changed in the final game, as noted by Nicholas:

The only notable thing that stood out in the beta pics is that the magic spells seemed to be rendered using the games graphics, where in the finished product the spells are presented in 2D animation and sometimes computer-generated animation. I didn’t see much in the debug mode that stood out, except it appears that Ryudo, the main character, can be equipped with his sword (around 4:32). This is impossible in the finished game as no one walks with their weapon drawn in the overworld map.

Below you can also see the video from the debug menù of Grandia 2. If you notice more differences, let us know!



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