Grandia Online [PC – Beta]


Grandia Online was a MMORPG being developed by Game Arts and published by GungHo Online Entertainment. It was announced in 2004 with a planned released in 2006, but the project was postponed many times and in the end it was released only 5 years later. In the gallery below you can see some images from the original announcement, with an early graphic and some different world areas, if you played the final game and can write a list of all the differences shown in these beta screens let us know!

Thanks to fishinsoup for the contribution!




Grandia [Beta – Saturn / Playstation]


In the archive of Vast Lands of Grandia we can see some screenshots from a beta build of Grandia, which shows some changes from the final version. At this point the story was probably not finished yet, because there were some scenes not present in the released version, like Justin that falls from a rock in the volcano, a tank used against our heroes, Java absent from the cart in the mines and a mysterious rock that resembles a turtle. Other interesting details are the beta battle hud and the unusually high point of view of a city (New Parm?).

For more informations check the VLoG beta page! Huge props to them :)



Grandia 2 [Beta / Debug – Dreamcast]

Grandia 2 was originally released on Dreamcast in 2000, but it was announced a couple of years before and Game Arts published a few beta screenshots that show how they wanted the game to look in the end. Some parts were changed in the final game, as noted by Nicholas:

The only notable thing that stood out in the beta pics is that the magic spells seemed to be rendered using the games graphics, where in the finished product the spells are presented in 2D animation and sometimes computer-generated animation. I didn’t see much in the debug mode that stood out, except it appears that Ryudo, the main character, can be equipped with his sword (around 4:32). This is impossible in the finished game as no one walks with their weapon drawn in the overworld map.

Below you can also see the video from the debug menù of Grandia 2. If you notice more differences, let us know!