La Femme Nikita [DC/PS2 – Cancelled]

La Femme Nikita [DC/PS2 – Cancelled]

La Femme Nikita is a cancelled action game that was in development in 2000 / 2001 at Infogrames Lyon House: the project originally started in 1999 as “Mission Impossible 2”, a sequel to the original Nintendo 64 game. It seems that Infogrames soon decided to stop the development for the N64 and port MI2  to the new-released Dreamcast.

Fabien Lacaf, a professional story boarder, worked on MI2 and created different level environment (for 3D artists) and some parallel action designs  for the missions. The first concept to MI2 was based on levels that would have been completed following the progress of the main protagonists that worked in parallel at the same time.  The player was going to use different characters to complete the missions divided in different parts: in every single part the actions would have affected the next parts of the mission with the following characters.

After some months of work, the studio did not have the “Mission Impossible” license anymore and so they had to change the game into “La Femme Nikita”, based on the film / TV series with the same name. The project was then moved to the Playstation 2 but after 2 years of development, the publisher (Atari) decided to cancel “La Femme Nikita” for economic reasons.

That was the end of “Mission Impossible 2” for the Nintendo 64.

Thanks to Hey Hey for the contribution and to Rodolphe for his help to preserve more images from the project!

Images from the story boards:

Images from the Dreamcast concept design / targer renders:

Images from PS2 version:

Items, menu e promotional images:

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2 thoughts on “La Femme Nikita [DC/PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. iamaloner

    It seems that La Femme Nikita would be based on TV series from 90is with the same name… As in pictures I see that was suppose to be something betwen action, stealth and rpg elements…

    IDK real info about this cancelled game but as I am a huge fan of La Femme Nikita I think that this game is mix as I said: action, stealth and rpg…

    In pictures we can see that we can enter our rooms and that…

    So its probavly it has some or mostly rpg elements as developers probavly planned something like this. You should watch La Femme Nikita series, the storyline would be probavly similar to the series or atleast to the french movie not the american rip off…

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Would this of been going under a working title or code name of Crimson?

    Sounds familiar in places …

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