ToeJam & Earl III [XBOX – Unused Stuff]

ToeJam & Earl III [XBOX – Unused Stuff]

ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth is an action video game released in October 2002 for the Xbox, and is the third game in the ToeJam & Earl series. It was originally developed for Sega’s Dreamcast before being ported to the Xbox after the Dreamcast’s commercial failure. You can find more screens and videos from ToeJam & Earl III Dreamcast in our Unseen Archive.

Phugolz was able to find some unused cutscenes hidden in the final game, as he wrote in the U64 Forum:

I began to dig through the files. I found what appears to be a set of hot tub cutscenes that were never used! On top of that, there seems to be a video capture test video lost among them that has footage of what appears to be the grass level, with a hot tub! The hot tub is -kinda- used in a secret area linked from the grass area.

You can find some videos of the unused scenes at X-Cult!


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