Shadowrun: the Awakening [X360 – Cancelled]

Shadowrun: the Awakening [X360 – Cancelled]

Shadowrun: the Awakening is a cancelled game in the Shadowrun series of RPGs, that was in development by FASA Studios for the Xbox 360 and PC, before the released Shadowrun 2007. This unreleased version had a full single player mode and FASA worked on their own 3D engine for the project. Sometime later, the art director was changed for unknown reasons and they scrapped “The Awakening” project to work on the new Shadowrun, that became a multiplayer only title. It’s currently unknown why this version was completely canned with the change of director or why the single player mode was removed from Shadowrun 2007. We can speculate that some problems in the development and management of the original Shadowrun: The Awakening project lead to the decision to create a “simpler” FPS, based around the online multiplayer.

It’s interesting to notice that initial gameplay prototyping of the new multiplayer-only Shadowrun was done using the HALO engine. Check the Shadowrun-Halo prototype page for some screens.

Thanks to Robert Seddon for the contribution!



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7 thoughts on “Shadowrun: the Awakening [X360 – Cancelled]

  1. monokoma Post author

    Someone told us that it’s better to not promote too much developers websites that have infos/media about cancelled games in them, because it could be a problem for their job.. there was a link before, but i decided to remove it, at least from the archive description

  2. Laerrus

    That sucks; I always wanted to play a Shadowrun game like this and refused to play that MP TFC knock off garbage they released…

    For years after I yearned for them to release a game like this in Shadowrun’s world; but thought it’d never happen…

    Yet it did happen… AND THEY THREW IT ALL AWAY!!!

    1. monokoma Post author

      Who knows, maybe in the future there could be another 3D version like this cancelled one, after all the latest 2D Shadowrun games are quite popular :)

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