StarFox Adventures [GC – Beta / Unused Stuff]

StarFox Adventures [GC – Beta / Unused Stuff]

We already knew that StarFox Adventures once was the Nintendo 64 title Dinosaur Planet. However, the title did not only change during that transition, but also during its time as a StarFox game.

Although the main enemy in the game is General Scales, you will never fight him. Such a battle against General Scales was planned however, evidence was found in unused audio files on the StarFox Adventures game disc. In addition, it appears as if Fox McCloud would have had only to collect the Krazoa Spirits to save Dinosaur Planet; the Spellstones were only needed for saving Krystal. Fox did not want to leave the planet before Krystal was not safe.

Prior to fighting against General Scales, it seems as if Fox McCloud would have released Krystal. Both would have teamed up for the final section in the Krazoa Palace. [Sadly only Krystal’s audio files for this part were recorded.]

For games developed by Rare, it is also common that a special animation of the company logos was made [Example of Perfect Dark Zero]. For Starfox Adventures something similar was planned, but it did not end up in the final product:

Lead designer Lee Schunemann tried to give an explanation for all these changes: “We ran out of dev time due to the looming Microsoft buyout so we had to wrap up the game and just focus on one final boss.”

In the Krystal Archive we can listen to various unused voice clips that reveale many details on lost parts of the story. There are upwards of 50 clips for other characters that never made it into the game. The Starfox Online archive contains pages for ALL Star Fox Adventures voice clips. There were 730 non-duplicate voice clips in the game. All clips under the Unknown heading were not in the game. You’ll also find a few error clips, many alternate versions of clips, differing voice actors for characters, references to places and events that never made it to the game, and other interesting plotpoints.

Special thanks to Mr Krystal from the Krystal Archive!

As we can read from Giant Bomb’s Starfox Adventure page:

Members of the Star Fox Online forums discovered that a decent portion of the original Dinosaur Planet script is still contained within Star Fox Adventures. A file on the Star Fox Adventures disc called GAMETEXT.bin contains  text used in the entire game, both for the Nintendo 64 version of Dinosaur Planet and the GameCube version of Star Fox Adventures. Though not entirely complete, many scenes from Dinosaur Planet’s storyline remain intact.


It would eventually be revealed that by joining all Krazoa Spirits together at the Krazoa Shrine (originally called “Warlock Mountain” in Dinosaur Planet) they would form the ultimate weapon in the galaxy. Not enough of the Dinosaur Planet script remains to describe what happens after that.

You can find the GAMETEXT.bin to download at the Krystal Archive! Sadly there are numerous examples of text not listed in the file. While the amount listed is considerable, Mr Krystal noticed that only one version of each existed: a given phrase would only be from one game or the other, not both, but which game it referred to would switch from line to line. Large sections, and whole plotpoints appeared to be missing.



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18 thoughts on “StarFox Adventures [GC – Beta / Unused Stuff]

  1. Anonymous

    Many people who developed the original Dinosaur planet were sad about how Krystal was nearly thrown out of the game.

  2. MPNagem89

    To all the people who like the new rareware games should be burned at the stake because except for diddy kong racing ds and star fox adventures all the new rareware games are (bleeping) bad and those guys used to gods among video game developers, they were up there with nintendo and now they’re a (bleeping) joke. At least SEGA was able to learn from their mistakes, rare just doesn’t, they think they know what the fans want but they released nothing but crap.

  3. Ricardo Alberto Márquez Rizzo

    Can’t believe you can’t battle General Scales, instead, you fight with Andros?! It’s not fair!!!

  4. Anonymous

    what they should have did was depending on what you did you could fight either one of them and get a different ending. that way they wouldnt have to scrap the battle with genral scales and they could still put in the battle with andross

    1. Preston Simpson

      Look at my comment for Ricardo Alberto Márquez Rizzo:

      “Scales was never meant to be a boss. Andross just took over Drakor’s original role, while Drakor himself was demoted to a cameo.”

  5. Ricky

    I heard somewhere that the developers that worked at Rare during the Nintendo era have all moved on to other things. Its a shame Nintendo hasn’t tried to get them all back to try to re-create some of the magic. I know we wont see any of the Rare franchises but they introduced us all to those fantastic characters and games back then, i’m sure we could all love some new ones.

    1. Preston Simpson

      I know at least two of the voice actors have.

      Steve Malpass (Fox McCloud) was last involved with rare as a voice actor (background voices, not an actual character) in Perfect Dark 0. And went off to be a photographer. He then came back to game design to work on some Kinect Sesame Street game.

      Chris Seavor (Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare) was fired from Rare ltd and made his own game company.

  6. Derek

    It’s pathetic how people overrate Rare. They ALWAYS sucked. Most of their are overrated piles of shit, even those released back when Rare worked for Nintendo:
    The DKC had utterly mediocre gameplay and the only reason why it’s so popular is that it came out when pre-rendered graphics were all the rage. When it got ported to the GBA, it got mediocre reviews, as reviewers were finally able to judge it for what it was, not for its graphics.
    Banjo-Kazooie was a tedious collect-a-ton that bastardized everything that made SM64 great. It was so popular because it came out during the first years of 3D Platformers, not because it was truly fun (it wasn’t).
    Conker’s Bad Fur Day was a even more tedious and slow paced game that had nothing remarkable about it. Rare realized this, which is why they retooled it into a mature game in a effort to make it noteworthy.
    Star Fox Adventure was a unoriginal Zelda clone. If it weren’t part of the Star Fox series, it probably would have been overlooked by everyone.

    1. Preston Simpson

      Except Zelda games sucked. Starfox Adventures/Dinosaur Planet took the shitty boring parts out of those games and made them more exciting as well as having great voice actors and amazing story writers. And the graphics are still impressive and are even comparable to modern games. It’s a shame Perfect Dark 0 didn’t have graphics worthy of comparison. I WILL give you PD0, I was disappointed in that game.

      Oh, and I never played Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but I know it was hilarious. It looks like a kid’s game at first, then the most foul and disgusting things come out of these cute little characters.

      1. Anony

        @ Preston Simpson Hey! Zelda games are different in sense, but this game directly borrow elements from Zelda. Each Zelda game have it perk like this game. Just don’t judge a game, if they are fan that respect the series. Zelda games are the best, they don’t suck otherwise I’ll rant about you.

  7. radorn


    Avobe all, I would have prefered the game to release on the N64 as originally planned. My second option would be a GC version without StarFox. I don’t know how much of a hit the decission to retool the game with the StarFox franchise took in terms of development time, though, so I can’t say whether skipping that would have allowed them to finish it on the GC with the original design.
    BUT, If nothing else could be done to avoid StarFox’ing it I think it would have been much better for the game to release on the X-Box as Dinosaur Planet, than on the GC as StarFox Adventures.

    Seriously, I think that decission made the game crap. I’m not saying it’s the worst game to ever have been produced, but I find it mediocre. I bought this game when it came out, and I was so disappointed that I sold it after playing it a little, and selling games was not something I really did back then; I would normally keep them.
    Anyway, I don’t think I played even a 10% of it before getting rid of it.

    Makes me wonder if this was some shrewd movement from Nintendo to squeeze Rare as much as they could before selling them to MS. Legend says Miyamoto suggested Saber was like Fox and everyone happily jumped on the bandwagon. But I wonder if it was more like “if we force them to use our IP for this game, then we can keep the whole thing even after selling them!!”
    Attesting to this, they did incorporate Dinosaur planet characters and settings in later StarFox games.

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