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[Project] Monster Party Beta Restoration

Cubivore10 is working on a new Beta Restoration Project. This project is dedicated to restoring lost content and graphics to the cult-favorite NES game Monster Party. The first priority of this project is to remake graphics as they appear in beta shots of the game.

As of now, the only thing near completion is the first boss’ graphics, and the cursor at the start of the game. There are few beta-shots that show off what it originally looked like, however, some assumptions can be made about how things may have been changed or localized.

In addition to restoring beta graphics, on of the main goals of this project is to make the game more horror like, which is how fans assume it would have been which means more horror parodies, and more blood. That’s where you, the reader comes in!

If you have any interest and/or knowledge of editing games, then please, the Monster Party Beta Restoration Project needs you! “We” need somebody who can use graphic editors (currently using yy-chr) to edit graphics and pallets.

If you are interested in this project and want to resurrect a somewhat true-to-the-original Monster Party, please send any help and questions to [email protected]

Check the U64 article on Monster Party Beta to get a better understanding of what needs to be done. Also, please see below for screenshots and videos of what is currently done. Thank you! For more videos, check Cubivore10’s Youtube Channel.


Spellcraft [SNES – Unreleased]

Spellcraft is an unreleased Super Nintendo conversion of the original Spellcraft RPG / Strategy Game that was released for the PC in 1992. This port was in development by Ybarra Productions / Ascii and as we can read on Wikipedia, it is very different than the PC version as it focuses on adventuring instead of strategy. A playable, almost complete ROM of Spellcraft SNES was somehow leaked online and it should be easily findable through Google. The game was probably cancelled for quality issues.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! (Scan from Super Power issue #7 and #12)




Daidaros [PSX – Cancelled? No, released on the Saturn!]

Update: thanks to Yakumo we found out that this game was released as Deadalus in Japan (in Europe and the States as “Robotica”) for the Sega Saturn! As he noted, probably the magazine did a poor translation of the katakana and came up with “Daidaros”. The game was by Micronet who only ever made Sega games, so it’s possible that the news about a Playstation version was just another mistake.

Thanks to linlhutz for the contribution!

Original news:

It seems that a mech game titled “Daidaros” was in development for the Playsation, but as far as we know, it was never released. Celine found a screen of the game in CD Console magazine issue 3, but sadly there are no info about Daidaros’ developers in their article, so we cant check if this project could have been released under a different name. If you recognize the mech in the scan, please let us know!


A new Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project

After the original Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project vanished into different internal issues in Team Beta Triforce, another team called “Forbidden Legends” is going to try to develop a mod / hack for Ocarina Of Time, in which to play some of the beta content that we all saw in the early screenshots and videos.

Here’s their description of this new OoT Beta Restoration:

We started when people started getting tired of being in the old TBT. They wanted to start a team of their own. A continuation of the old Beta Restoration Project really, but done differently. We allow anyone to work on it. It’s also not strictly beta; we will throw in many things not beta-related, beta is just a theme mostly. We do all of our work in #z64sanctuary on irc.shoutwiki.com, no forums.

About the game, it starts out in Link’s Uncle’s house. His uncle has to leave to the castle. Soon Link leaves the house and is now in Castle Town. After going to the castle, the rest of the journey sets out, which isn’t public yet.

Team Members:

  • SirTopHat (webmaster/programmer/ modeller)
  • Flotonic (modder/modeller)
  • Twilight14 (hacker/modder/modeller/programmer)
  • Mikeunt (modeller)
  • CDi-Fails (story/website design)
  • Deathnight114 (music)
  • Dark-Link77 (hacking/modding)
  • spinout (best hacker/modder/programmer)

You can also find some more info at http://forbidden.legend-zone.com

We wish them good luck!


Dragon Sword 64: finally shared and preserved!

Created by Team Storm at Interactive Studios (the creators of Glover N64), Dragon Sword is a cancelled hack and slash game (similar to Gauntlet Legends) that was in development in 1997 / 1998 for the Nintendo 64. Sadly, this game was never finished because of some issues with the publisher.

Dragon Sword 64 was in danger to be lost and forgotten forever, but thanks to an anonymous collector, a playable beta was shared online and now  the community can help to preserve it.

If you loved Gauntlet Legends on the Nintendo 64 in multiplayer, probably you are going to have fun with Dragon Sword too. Before playing this beta, please keep in mind that it’s an unfinished, unreleased Nintendo 64 game that was in development more than 12 years ago.

Obviously it has lots of bugs and we still miss some of the planned content, but for what it is, Dragon Sword is a nice game, especially if you can play it in coop with a friend.

The Dragon Sword beta can be found in this nice online archive.

If you can find a way to load the 3 lost levels, to find a debug menù or interesting content still hidden in the game’s code, please let us know!

Read more about the game in our Dragon Sword 64 Archive or check the video below for a preview of the 7 available levels: