[April Fools] From today on, we love Hello Kitty

[April Fools] From today on, we love Hello Kitty

EDIT Ok it was fun lol. Everythings back to normal again, so you ignore this post from now on :p

Yes, we really feel like everyone here is loving Hello Kitty, including every single one on the FORUM agrees that Hello Kitty is pretty awesome! So, from today on we are going to keep this Hello Kitty style for Unseen64. From now on we can enjoy unseen gaming articles and media between a cutesy Hello Kitty enviroment. We hope you will enjoy it! :)

Have fun enjoying our new layout and please only leave compliments about our new obsession in the comments here! *^___^*

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11 thoughts on “[April Fools] From today on, we love Hello Kitty

  1. gabrielwoj

    Noooo! This theme is really confusing, and I can’t enter in the Admin Site and etc…
    I also can’t do other stuff on the forums…

    Sad, I love the theme of U64, it owns :)

    But well, nice one, it was really weird…

  2. MAIcrosoft Post author

    @gabrielwoj Site admin loging is on the bottom right of all pages in the sidebar. Get used to it, and have an enjoyment :P :P :P

  3. gabrielwoj

    @MAIcrosoft AAAHHH… Now I get it…
    I guess this is April 1st joke right?
    On Brazil, now it is 03/31, but on the comment is already April 1st…
    Hahah, Nice

  4. Arshes91

    nuuuu, uno dei miei siti preferiti avete messo hello kitty ma che skiffo il tema in rosa non mi piace e da femmina .-. ma per favore mette i pokemon che sono molto meglio come tema

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