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[Project] Knights of the Old Republic 1 Beta Restoration

ZM90‘s new big “beta remake” project is a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 Restoration (K1R). KotOR is a Star Wars RPG developed by BioWare and published in 2003 for the Xbox and PC, but some stuff were removed from the game before the final version. What this project basically does is to add most of the beta content back to the game. Things that he plans on restoring include the cut swoop races, the Tatoinee Temple, the E3 demo area (to use it as an optional tutorial area), as well as any other beta content that still fits with the story. We say good luck to him and wish him the best on this new project. Check out a couple of videos from the project below.


Primal Rage 2 [Arcade – Cancelled]

Primal Rage 2 is a cancelled fighting game that was in development in 1995 / 1996 by Atari for the Arcades. As we can read on Wikipedia, the game was to feature new characters that took on the form of humans and were called the Avatars, instead of the beasts / dinosaurs of the first title. During the development something went wrong and in the end Primal Rage 2 was never released. It’s currently unknown how much of the game was finished before the cancellation.

As it should be well known, this game has been leaked online. Although, it is currently unplayable.

Thanks to kieranmay for the contribution!



Citizen X [Sega CD – Cancelled]

Citizen X is a cancelled side-scrolling action game, made by Digital Pictures, which was supposed to be released for the Sega Mega Cd in 1993. Like many other titles for the ill-fated add-on, it featured many clumsy FMV cutscenes. The gameplay was even less exciting, because of the very limited moveset available for the main character and the repetitive locations. An almost complete beta of Citizen, missing just one of the videos, was commercially distribuited by Good Deal Games in 2002.




The Exterminators [Sega CD – Cancelled]

Bug Blasters: The Exterminators is a cancelled on-rails shooter, made by Stargate, that was supposed to come out in 1995. Aside from being one of the most shameful rip-off of Ghostbusters ever created, there is nothing too interesting about this game:  it is just a long sequence of FMVs in which you have to aim and shoot… bugs. A complete version of  Bug Blasters was commercialy released in 2001 by Good Deal Games.



[Update] Many more screens, videos and info in the U64 archive


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