Seed [PC – Cancelled]

Seed [PC – Cancelled]

Seed is a cancelled FPS that was in development in 1998 by Human Soft, a team from Hungary. The particularity of this game was the colorful lighting engine, as you can see from the screenshots below, some of which were found by derboo in PowerPlay magazine 7/1998. Seed was proposed to be a new action game that aimed to blend the gameplay of a first person shooter with the action approach of a console title. In the end it seems that Human Soft were not able to find a publisher interested in their project and Seed remained unfinished.

A beta demo was released online and you can download it at File Planet. Thanks a lot to Solaris for the videos!



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8 thoughts on “Seed [PC – Cancelled]

  1. Thundermuffin

    You should update the page to include when Funhaus found a demo disc with Seed on it and got in contact with the developer

  2. Edward Kirk

    There are two main demos avaliable, one from 1999 and one from 2000. Both play on my old Windows 7 machine with no problems. The first demo only has a test level and a small part of the Factory level. The second is far more extensive, with most (if not all) of the Factory, two parts of the Tree level and a single Catacomb mission. There is a third demo, which is the same as the 1999 one, but with four earlier files for the Factory mission: these do not load in any of the available versions. I did contact HumanSoft to see if there’re any other levels, but they said there isn’t.

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