World Builders Inc. [3DO – Cancelled]

World Builders Inc. [3DO – Cancelled]

When 3DO was first revealed in mid 1993 among the games presented by Electronic Arts to support the system there was a nice sci-fi simulation called World Builders Inc. Not much is known about it however in September 1994 the game was already on hold for unknown reasons and in the end it was never released. If you know something else about World Builders Inc, please let us know!

Images from Edge issue 1, EGM issue 48, GameFan issue 1-9 and 1-11, Player One issue 33.


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Un bugiardaccio senza più estro né talento.

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5 thoughts on “World Builders Inc. [3DO – Cancelled]

  1. r-e-g

    The screens named “world-builders-3do-gamefan1-11-2”, “worldbuilders3”, “worldbuilders4” and “worldbuilders5” suspiciously look like it’s from the “Shock Wave”…

    Here’s a “Shock Wave” intro:

    “worldbuilders5” – one-in-one copy see it 1:43
    “worldbuilders4” – very look like on 2:46

    Maybe EA took they development from “World Builders Inc.” and put in into “Shock Wave”?

  2. Catherine Winters

    Actually, if you look at Gamefan Volume 1, Issue 09 ( and Issue 11, ( it looks to me like those weren’t intended to illustrate World Builders Inc., they were always part of Shock Wave.

    It’s just the placement of the World Builders art on the same page of Issue 11 that makes it look like they could be the same game.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    E.A claimed it was canned as the developers couldn’t meet deadlines..

    However others claim:

    (I won’t name source to protect their privacy)

    “Worldbuilders died in a flurry of project consolidation and related
    finger- pointing, acrimony, and resignations. The short version of events
    is that Worldbuilders and Universal Station were sacrificed to get Jurrasic Park and
    Twisted out the door (mainly JP). More detail than that wouldn’t be fair
    to the principals (I wasn’t on any of the title teams but had friends on
    all of them), but it should be noted that the boardgame mock-up of
    Worldbuilders (much derided internally at the time) represented a lot of
    work by the designers. At the time it was cancelled a lot of thought had
    gone into the gameplay for Worldbuilders and relatively little on getting
    elements up on the screen; vice versa for other titles. And it didn’t
    help that Worldbuilders was designed to deliver more think-think than
    bang-bang at a point when it was suddenly decided necessary to cram out
    anything that would stimulate gamers like wired-up lab rats frantically
    pressing the endorphin bar. And even that wasn’t the fault of the
    designers since Worldbuilders was originally chartered as an educational,
    or at least marginally cognitive, game (there was a related planetary
    science demo that was supposed to go with it). Hell, there was supposed
    to be a whole educational software group at 3DO…but all that is long
    gone (except for the keyboard driver).

    I worked the booth at SCES ’93 and I think the Worldbuilders demo was just
    screen shots of planets and theoretical game vehicles, but I could be
    wrong. “

  4. Ross Sillifant

    A second source backs up the claim Jurrasic Park had priority:

    WorldBuilders was a Studio 3DO effort. It was dropped when 3DO cut
    staff after early budget problems and some great people like Noah Falstein
    were let go. Many of the folks working on WorldBuilders were moved to
    Jurassic Park Interactive, which was viewed as a priority title.

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