World Builders Inc. [3DO – Cancelled]

World Builders Inc. [3DO – Cancelled]

When 3DO was first revealed in mid 1993 among the games presented by Electronic Arts to support the system there was a nice sci-fi simulation called World Builders Inc. Not much is known about it however in September 1994 the game was already on hold for unknown reasons and in the end it was never released. If you know something else about World Builders Inc, please let us know!

Images from Edge issue 1, EGM issue 48, GameFan issue 1-9 and 1-11, Player One issue 33.


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Un bugiardaccio senza più estro né talento.

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3 thoughts on “World Builders Inc. [3DO – Cancelled]

  1. r-e-g

    The screens named “world-builders-3do-gamefan1-11-2”, “worldbuilders3”, “worldbuilders4” and “worldbuilders5” suspiciously look like it’s from the “Shock Wave”…

    Here’s a “Shock Wave” intro:

    “worldbuilders5” – one-in-one copy see it 1:43
    “worldbuilders4” – very look like on 2:46

    Maybe EA took they development from “World Builders Inc.” and put in into “Shock Wave”?

  2. Catherine Winters

    Actually, if you look at Gamefan Volume 1, Issue 09 ( and Issue 11, ( it looks to me like those weren’t intended to illustrate World Builders Inc., they were always part of Shock Wave.

    It’s just the placement of the World Builders art on the same page of Issue 11 that makes it look like they could be the same game.

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