World Builders Inc. [3DO – Cancelled]

When 3DO was first revealed in mid 1993 among the games presented by Electronic Arts to support the system there was a nice sci-fi simulation called World Builders Inc. Not much is known about it however in September 1994 the game was already on hold for unknown reasons and in the end it was never released. If you know something else about World Builders Inc, please let us know!

Images from Edge issue 1, EGM issue 48, GameFan issue 1-9 and 1-11, Player One issue 33.



Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2 [PS2 – Beta]

Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2 is a third person shooter developed and published in 2000 by 3DO for the Playstation, Playstation 2 and Nintendo 64. In the gallery below you can see the first images that were released for the PS2 version: looking at the graphic in those screens, we can notice that it’s much more definited and detailed than the one seen in the final version. We can assume that these shots were just target renders, created with high-ends PCs or a PS2 development kit, to indicate how the game would have look when it was still too incomplete to show.

DCcodes7 noticed various differences:

Then there are the zombie enemies in the graveyard image, each zombie is different if you look at the image and compare each of the enemies closely. In that very same image the female character – which you get to play as in the game – her design is different in this image than it is in the final. One difference – from what I can tell – is her boots (shoes) are white in this image but are brown in the final game.

In another screen we have the helicopter – up right hand corner of the image – that’s shooting while flying straight at the main character: the way the helicopter fires and how it fly’s is different in the target renders than it is in the final.

In that same image we have a tank, again, not found in this level. There is also the “red target” around the tank, this of course means that auto aim is active and is targeting the tank. Of course the auto aim is still in the game, however the red auto aim target is different in the target renders than it is in the final.

The town seen in one of the images is on fire, which doesn’t happen in the game at all.

In another image we see a scoped version of the M16 weapon: of course the M16 is used but the scoped version of the very same weapon is not however.

Then we have the HUD: that’s seen in all of these target renders, the HUD is different in the final.

Thanks to DCcodes7 for the contribution!



Army Brats [PSX – Cancelled]

Army Brats (aka “Army Men : Arcade Blast” or “Battle Brats”) was a prototype for a new action game that was in development by 3DO in 2000 / 2001 for the original Playstation. This project was supposed to be a sequel to the ArmyMen series of games, with “kid soldiers” instead of the usual ones. The game was later cancelled, before the company was closed down in 2003. A GameBoy Color version was planned too but it had the same bad luck and it was never released. In the gallery below you can check some models that were created for the CG intro of the game.




Big Freakin Monsters [PS2 – Cancelled?]

A cancelled game that was in development by 3DO for the Playstation 2, but not many infos are available. From the few screens it seems that Big Freakin Monsters’s gameplay was going to be similar to the Rampage series, in which players take control of gigantic monsters trying to survive against onslaughts of military forces. Each round is completed when a particular city is completely reduced to rubble.

Thanks a lot to Hey Hey for the contribution!