Joe Blow [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Joe Blow [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Joe Blow is a cancelled platform / action game featuring a ten year old monkey that blow away his enemy (literally!) with the goal to save the Queen of Dreams who has been kidnapped by the evil Nightmare King. Player had to explore 6 worlds with overall 60 levels to free Dreamland from the new ruler, confronting humorous opponents. Joe Blow was in development for Playstation and PC by Abstract Entertainment while Telstar was going to be the publisher, however the title was never released for unknown reasons.

Scans from Edge issue 48 and GameFan5-8. All in-game screenshots are from the PC version.


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6 thoughts on “Joe Blow [PSX PC – Cancelled]

  1. Intergold

    The game was probably canned by Take-Two(the game was on Telstar’s “coming soon” catalogue at the time of Take-Two acquisition), because of the game’s similarity to Monkey Hero, another Take-Two game.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Stoo interviewed on RVG a while back:


    Of all the games you were involved in which was the hardest to create art and graphics for and why?


    Joe Blow. We started the project as a 2D overhead action puzzle game but part of the deal upon signing to Telstar was that we redesign the concept as a 3D platform game using a newly developed 3D engine for the PC and Playstation we were at the time working on.

    (I shall be uploading lots of Joe Blow and Earlier DJ Fresh stuff in 2015 as I plan to do a proper archive of it)

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