Joe Blow [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Joe Blow is a cancelled platform / action game featuring a ten year old monkey that blow away his enemy (literally!) with the goal to save the Queen of Dreams who has been kidnapped by the evil Nightmare King. Player had to explore 6 worlds with overall 60 levels to free Dreamland from the new ruler, confronting humorous opponents. Joe Blow was in development for Playstation and PC by Abstract Entertainment while Telstar was going to be the publisher, however the title was never released for unknown reasons.

Scans from Edge issue 48 and GameFan5-8. All in-game screenshots are from the PC version.


Opposite Lock (Wreckin Crew) [PSX Saturn – Beta]

Update: thanks to GalacticeMage, we found out that Opposite Lock was an early beta version of Wreckin Crew! The graphic style remained the same, but the screenshot in the gallery below is probably from a target render (also the HUD is different). Check the video from the final game for a comparison.

Opposite Lock is a cancelled racing game that was in development by QUICKDRAW DEVELOPMENT / Telstar for the Playstation, Saturn and PC. Celine found a screenshot of this project in PlayMag magazine issue #4: it seems that Opposite Lock was going to be an arcade with colorful graphic and stylized vehicles based on real-life cars (as Chevrolet and Ford). It’s currently unkown why the game was canned.

Here’s the original press release:

Based around a blisteringly fast game engine, Opposite Lock is an arcade style, 3D hot rod racing game that also includes combat and stunt driving aspects. With most driving games nowadays concentrating on showing off the polygon engine rather than presenting a fast and furious racing game, Opposite Lock sets out to redress this balance by putting the FUN back into the genre. Modern racing games tend towards the simulation end of the driving spectrum and ignore the qualities that made Hard Driving, Power Drift and Mario Kart so popular. Opposite Lock offers you the chance to drive a whole host of stylised and customised vehicles from 1957 Chevrolets to Ford pickups, each with their own individual attack moves. There are stunt tracks, cup competitions and head to head modes,  not to mention a demolition derby competition and a complete action replay and video editing suite to play back and save your favourite moments.

– Multi-player option that allows up to 32 players on a network.
In-game pickups and upgrades, including weapons, nitros and repair kits.

– Over 100 different road side objects which interact with the players car. Hit a tyre stack and the tyres bounce all over the track!

– Full screen VGA and SVGA modes ensure that you are in the thick of the action at all times.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Video (from the final version):

Airport Inc. 64 [N64 – Cancelled]


Despite the high quality of strategy games released for the Nintendo 64 (Ogre Battle 64, Star Craft), not many games in that genre were released for the system. It’s probably for this reason that many fans were happy to hear about the development of this managerial simulator for the Nintendo 64: Airport Inc.

As can easily be determined from the title, this Telstar game was going to simulate an airport over all fields, from internal structures to air traffic coordination. The ultimate goal for the player would have been to avoid displeasing the customers and keeping their expenses balanced in order to maintain an optimal financial situation.

The graphics engine would have taken full advantage of the Nintendo 64’s capabilities, offering, as in Sim City 2000, a perfect 3D representation of the airport’s life. The game (i)was(/i) ultimately released for the PC in 2001, but the N64 version of Airport Inc. was ultimately destined to oblivion. Doubts still subsist as to the effectiveness of even the primary development on Nintendo’s little black console.

Please note: It is our understanding that these screenshots are from the N64 version, but as even the initial development is uncertain, it is possible that these images are actually from a beta of the PC version, as both would have look similar to the point of being exactly the same.

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]

Nonostante la qualità dei giochi strategici su N64 sia piuttosto alta (Ogre Battle, Star Craft), il genere non è certo fra più rappresentativi della console Nintendo. E’ molto probabile quindi che gli appassionati abbiano seguito con grande attenzione l’annuncio per 64 di questo simulatore gestionale, Airport Inc.

Come si può facilmente intuire dal titolo, il gioco Telstar era incentrato sullo sviluppo di un aeroporto in tutti i suoi settori, dall’organizzazione interna della struttura alla coordinazione del traffico aereo. I giocatori avrebbero dovuto fare attenzione a non scontentare (o non farli perire in un disastro aereo) i propri clienti, equilibrando le spese per mantenere una situazione finanziaria ottimale.

Il motore grafico avrebbe dovuto sfruttare le capacità del Nintendo 64, offrendo, come in Sim City 2000, una perfetta rappresentazione tridimensionale del nostro piccolo dominio. Il gioco è uscito per PC nel 2001, ma purtroppo la versione di Airport Inc. per 64 era destinata all’oblio e non vide mai la luce. Addirittura sussistono dubbi sull’effettivo inizio dello sviluppo sulla console nera di Nintendo.

Forse gli screenshots di questa pagina si riferiscono ad una versione preliminare per computer, ma è probabile che l’aspetto della versione console sarebbe stato identico a questo, senza nemmeno l’aggiunta di features esclusive. [/spoiler]

[Original description in Italian by Yota, Translation by Take It Slow]