Sonic Adventure 2 [Beta – Dreamcast]

Sonic Adventure 2 [Beta – Dreamcast]


Sonic Adventure 2 was unveiled in June of 2000, at E3. During this time, Sonic Adventure 2 was headed in a completely different direction. There would be three playable characters; Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman. At the time, Shadow was just a cutscene character. How the game went at first was that what you do in the game differs what happens later. This was eventually incarnated into “Shadow the Hedgehog” for the Gamecube. When the trailer for the game was revealed, fans were outraged, for the fact that there were missing characters (e.g. Tails)

Before he had his SOAP shoes in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic had his sneakers from the 2D games. The SOAP shoes enabled Sonic to grind on rails. Also Shadow’s original name was “Terios”, which means, “reflection of”, and Rouge’s original name was “Nails”. Shadow was also referred to as “Dark Sonic” in a preview showing off some concept art of Sonic Adventure 2.

Some unused videos were found hidden in the game’s code by Mariosegafreak

Thanks to FullMetalMC, CrashAndSonicChao, and Shade3c for the contributions!



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9 thoughts on “Sonic Adventure 2 [Beta – Dreamcast]

  1. Shade3c

    I have some information to share with y’all:
    Shadow’s original name was “Terios” and Rouge’s original name was “Nails”. Shadow was also referred to as “Dark Sonic” in a preview showing off some concept art of Sonic Adventure 2. He wasn’t intended to playable (along with Tails and Rouge) in the original game, either.

  2. MPNagem89

    Happy 20 year Anniversary Sonic, happy 30 year anniversary Mario and happy 10 year anniversary Shadow I hope you’re all happy.

  3. steph

    Hmm. The bet for this and the first one reminds me of some of the stuff in the 06 game. What a tradjety that was.

  4. Luis

    I wish Sega would of stuck around just one more year. We might of got to see Max Payne, Castlevania, Sonic 3 and more unique games and be playing them right now. Argatha seems especially interesting. Its a shame they couldnt hang on for a while longer.

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