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Robocop & Gen 13 PSX protos are leaked and preserved

Our friends at Games That Weren’t were able to find and share a couple of interesting protos, that were seen some years ago in the Playstation Museum: Robocop and Gen 13. You can download the proto at Games That Weren’t website, to “play” them in your favourite PSX emu. These are just very early protos so there is not much to see, but they are a nice piece of unseen gaming history. Let us know if you find something more in their codes!

The Robocop file is a simple tech demo where you can control Robocop walking around a single mostly wall-less warehouse. Pillars and boxes provide some sparse decoration and while it’s 3D nothing is ‘solid’, allowing you to walk through the walls and objects.

Gen 13; The Realtime Associate’s version is the most simple, but Playstation Museum caveat this by pointing out it was done in a single week, which makes it quite impressive. It’s a fully 3D rendering of the heroine of the game and you can walk her forwards and backwards from multiple camera angles.

Thanks to Unclejun for the help to convert these files in a playable form!



[U64 Italian Podcast] Episodio 2.0: Super Mario Beta Saga (Parte I)


The Unseen 64 Podcast is only in Italian, sorry!

U64 Podcast: Episodio 2.0 – Super Mario Beta Saga (Parte I) [78:54] (streaming) – In qualche modo la podcast di Unseen 64 è arrivata al 20esimo episodio, la qualità non è di certo migliorata ma ci divertiamo tanto quanto la prima volta! In questa puntata bonus, organizzata dal nostro ascoltatore Mr Game, ci siamo ritrovati ad approfondire vari aspetti dello sviluppo dei capitoli tridimensionali della saga di Mario, partendo ovviamente da Mario 64. Le differenze fra le versioni Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, la difficolta’ nello sviluppo, i riferimenti ad altri giochi, i dati beta inutilizzati trovati nel gioco, la famosa “Impossible Coin”, la leggenda di “L is Real 2041” e vari ricordi più o meno demenziali sulla nostra esperienza nel castello di Peach. Siamo poi saltati a dispersioni varie su Super Mario 128 (a.k.a. Super Mario 64 2) e le teorie sulle aggiunte a Mario 64DS, elementi più o meno segreti in Super Mario Sunshine, la Beta dell’E3, le musiche e i video non usati, la bellissima debug room e il libro misterioso, oltre a strani rumors su Mario Sunshine 3DS. Avrete il coraggio di ascoltare questo nuovo episodio fino in fondo? >> U64 Episodio 2.0 – Super Mario Beta Saga (Parte I) [78:54]– Download Versione in MP3

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What is ACTA you may ask? What can you do about it?

Attention all beta geeks a threat to our way of life has emerged known simply as ACTA. What is ACTA you may ask? ACTA stands for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. This is no ordinary trade agreement as it would have dire consequences for the internet as we know it. ACTA was negotiated by a small number of countries in secret such as the United States, Japan, Mexico, and all of Europe. ACTA has been signed by almost all of the participating countries except for Mexico and New Zealand, however it still must be ratified by the European Parliament. So, you’re probably wondering what does ACTA mean for me? Here’s how it will affect you if it passes.

  • Your ISP would be required to monitor what you do online 24/7 and if Hollywood thinks you committed copyright infringement they could throw you in prison.
  • Youtube would be mostly wiped out due to “Copyright infringement”.
  • It guts fair use laws.
  • There is a possibility we would see a end to U64 itself in the name of “Copyright infringement”.
  • Mods for your PC games may be gone.
  • What the beta community does best which is preserve beta would be ended.
  • It would limit freedom of speech.

So to sum up ACTA’s effect on you it would.

  • Destroy your right to privacy.
  • Limit your right to free speech.
  • Destroy the internet we all know and love.
  • Set up a board of unaccountable unelected people to modify ACTA effectively circumventing any democratic scrutiny.

What can you do about it? Glad you asked that question. You can go to www.avaaz.org/en/eu_save_the_internet_spread/?wujuEcb to sign the worldwide petition telling the European Parliament to reject ACTA, you can also go to www.laquadrature.net/en for more information about ACTA and how you can act against it.

Remember ACTA isn’t about copyright infringement, it’s about infringing on your fundamental rights.


Tomb Raider 3 Beta [PSX / PC]

Overview: After Tomb Raider 2, Core Design released another Tomb Raider sequel in November 1998 for PC and the PlayStation. Based on the upgraded Tomb Raider 2 Engine, Tomb Raider 3 features new vehicles such as the: Kayak and Quad bike. These new vehicles enable players to experience a new challenge from navigating down the rapids of Madubu Gorge to driving quad bikes in the Nevada Desert. In comparison to the older Tomb Raider games, the game play mechanics became more dynamic and the engine supported more triangular room polygons plus coloured lighting. Tomb Raider 3 appeared at E3 May 1998 and ECTS August 1998. The game features locations such as: India, South Pacific, Nevada, London.



An interview with Andy Sandham, former level designer for Tomb Raider 3, was posted on Tomb of Ash with some interesting info:

I believe the optional routes were taken out due to time pressure – as our first Tomb Raider game as a team, we were really up against it, learning new tech, etc., so I believe we held out on the ‘hub’ system until tomb raider 4 to prevent ourselves from having nervous breakdowns!

I remember that Heather, level designer and artist on Tomb 2 had built most of Angkor Watt – but that team were offered their own project (project Eden?) and so jumped at the chance, leaving us with a ¾ complete level that was handed over to Jamie Morton.


There is evidence that Core Design had planned a section of levels set in Peru. There is no clear evidence as to whether these levels were actually created or if the area name was originally intended for another location, later renamed for the final release. Some of the level names changed during development for example (Final level names in bold):

  • Jungle Ruins -Jungle
  • Temple Of Shiva -Temple Ruins

This screenshot was taken from an unfinished beta copy of the game, it shows clear evidence of Peru’s previous existence. During a magazine interview, Core Design explained that the first level in Tomb Raider 3 would provide insight into the game’s story. Then players would be able to choose the start of their adventure set in 4 different locations: India, London, South Pacific, Nevada. It’s possible that the first level may have originally been set in Peru where Lara Croft was supposed to retrieve the first artifact? This is purely speculation and is completely unconfirmed.

All Hallows which is a bonus level was originally intended to come directly after Thames Wharf, a beta version of the game confirms that this was changed during the last month of development. It would make more sense for Lara to slide down a building near St. Paul’s Cathedral only to end up there.

Core Design did a major makeover on the PlayStation engine, it supposedly makes use of all the power the PlayStation has. It had been confirmed in several magazine reviews that the game would support 1-3 routes of completion. Looking at several magazine scans, some levels show doors to other areas which were removed from the final version. This was possibly to help avoid the gamer from getting confused but it would have been a more adventurous experience in my opinion. Also, the Kayak from Tomb Raider III was originally a boat, but blue that resembled the one from Tomb Raider II. Earlier builds show how Lara’s movesets changed, became more complex but some new moves didn’t make into the final game. An example of this is the roll whilst crouching ability. A video feature for Tomb Raider III also shows Lara Croft utilising a combat knife which they further explained was intended to remove objects from stone, or climb trees which yet again never saw the light of day.


On-screen Debug:


Tomb Raider 3 features an on-screen debug with several functions. One of which displays the POLYGON count on-screen so that the developers would know which environments are too large specifically for the PlayStation engine.

The syntax is as follows:


CURRENT_POLYS = Amount of polygons currently loaded (the engine hides some).
MAX_LOADED_POLYS = The highest current amount of polys reached (increases based on the current amount)
POLY_LIMIT = Polygon limit, the game should freeze once it exceeds this limit as it cannot be handled by the engine.

In huge areas the polygon limit is at breach of 1990, 1990, 2000 which is also common in Thames Wharf causing the framerate to drop on the PlayStation version.


Alpha Stage – Date, Late May 1998 (E3 Build)

The title screen is different and I quite like it. Such a shame it never made it to the final release. It is also known that this build has unique loading screens for the South Pacific level which use an unknown render. Although this looks complete, the levels are in early development and contain some interesting parts which got cut. The only known playable levels are: Coastal Village, Thames Wharf. The deleted roll animation can be seen at 0:32. The flare lighting effects look much better compared to the final release’s cut-down version. My favorite part is when Lara is monkey swinging at 0:57, the animation is different.


Alpha Stage – Date, July 1998

Screenshots from an unknown July build shown in some early magazine scans.


Alpha Stage – Date, Late July 1998

The Jungle screenshots are looking close to final but it is STILL in early development stages. There are some level differences on the second screenshot, the wall is missing which divides the water from the land. In the third screenshot you can also see there is no save crystal so it’s obviously using the standard Tomb Raider 2 Save system.

Also, the All Hallows screenshots show early deleted parts and the first screenshots lack the red lighting effects used in the final build.


Beta Stage – Date, Late August 1998 (ECTS Build)
Platform: PC

This build was shown at ECTS 1998. Some areas differ from the public September 1998 demo featured on various magazine demo samplers.
Beta Stage – Date, Early September 1998 – ECTS Demo
Platform: PSX


Beta Stage – Date, Mid September 1998
Platform: PSX

Here is a look at some of the left over weapons which can be unlocked within this demo. Some of them are still from Tomb Raider II like the Automatic Pistols and M16. Due to them being unfinished, Lara’s animations seem to glitch whilst using some weapons.

In this version of the game, Peru is on the map. No modifications are needed to unlock it, but the level itself is not there so the game freezes.


Late Beta Stage – Date, October 1998
Platform: PSX

Full playlist:

About this beta

This is a beta build compiled close to final. Almost everything is done but there are minor/severe bugs which can prevent you from completing the game. The beta still has the deleted sprint and crawl + pickup animation. The sprint makes Lara seem to be more ‘butch’ I believe it’s why they changed it. Whilst picking up items when crawling, Lara will reach out to her bag pack like she’s putting it in there which doesn’t happen in the final.

Glitch 1 – River of Ganges, Quadbike

Another glitch is where the quadbike is too bouncy or can be used underwater. If you drive into a wall whilst falling into the water, Lara will be able to use it underwater without it exploding allowing the level to be completed easily.

Glitch 2 – Rx-Tech Mines, Mine Cart

The most severe bug is with the mine cart, it easily picks up speed causing it to become uncontrollable. Along with this, it bounces up and down like a ball. It is impossible to complete Rx-Tech mines because there is a speed issue which causes the lower mine cart to crash every time if used. The only way around this is to use the DOZY cheat to fly rather than using the mine carts.

Glitch 3 – Lost City of Tinnos, Fire Room

In the fire room, you can walk on the floor which should burn Lara Croft.

Glitch 4 – Rx-Tech Mines, Mine Cart

There is a bug when putting in the scitimar it will not work if you press X (action) you must go through the inventory.

More differences

In the Jungle the first secret located near the tree doesn’t exist and there is no shotgun.

In Lud’s Gate in the room near the end where there’s a switch in the water. It is not there, there’s actually a button to open the next area.

1. Gh0stblade

Change log:
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The cancelled Stargate SG-1: The Alliance game has been found and preserved

Stargate SG-1: The Alliance  is a cancelled FPS that was in development for PC, Playstation 2 and Xbox, based on the Stargate SG1 TV series. There were only few info and media available untill sometime ago when the nice guys at The Gaming Liberty found a playable beta version and started to share as much as they can from this lost game. This version seems almost finished and as we can read from their preview, it could have been a great game especially for Stargate fans:

The best part about SGTA is the fact that the Stargate itself is such a perfect story device. Within a matter of minutes the Stargate could transport a player from Egyptian-esque ruins to dark, rainy forested landscapes. This shines through as each level is very much unique in terms of visual design. The game never feels like it’s going over old ground and the visual appeal of the levels keeps it fresh, exciting and new. What’s more, the player gets to travel through the Stargate in real-time. That’s right, there are no loading screens from point A to point B. It’s really quite impressive and Perception’s recreation of the Stargate sequence using in-game graphics must be applauded.

Check The Gaming Liberty for more info, screens and videos from the cancelled Stargate SG-1: The Alliance!