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Banjo Kazooie – Analisi Stop ’n’ Swop 2

Banjo Kazooie – analysis Stop’n’Swop 2: After eight years since Banjo-Tooie for Nintendo 64, and three by the release of the spin-off for the Game Boy Advance named Banjo-Pilot, in November 2008, the bear and the bird return on a new adventure on the Xbox 360, following the acquisition of Rare by Microsoft. The game features several references to the Stop ‘N’ Swop, as well as the Stop ‘N’ Swop functioning.

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Banjo Kazooie – analisi Stop’n’Swop 2: Dopo otto anni dall’uscita di Banjo-Tooie su Nintendo 64, e tre dal rilascio dello spin-off Banjo-Pilot su GameBoy Advance, nel novembre 2008 l’orso e l’uccello tornano in una nuova avventura su Xbox 360, in seguito all’acquisto della Rare da parte di Microsoft. Il gioco presenta vari riferimenti allo Stop ‘N’ Swop, oltre che lo Stop ‘N’ Swop funzionante. [A cura di Alexander Powell

Glover 2 N64 leaked and preserved

NES World and Team Carrot have shared online the beta version of the cancelled Glover 2 for the Nintendo 64, that was found sometime ago. Now it’s publically available and preserved! Huge props to them :) Check NES World for the download link

Glover 2 – Unreleased Beta Version – CARROT
Title: Glover 2
Date: 03/11/2011
Company: Interactive Studios / Hasbro
Area: USA
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 256 MBits
Supplier: YECA

As noted by Edward Kirk, some codes and a Level Select menu from the first game still work with the beta of the sequel: http://zenade.angelfire.com/Glover2/glove.html


Current U64 situation and future

Hi everyone! Now it’s already some months that we update the site every few days, instead than daily as before. This was decided because the main U64 Staff does not have much free time anymore (university, job, family, etc.), but we love to preserve info about beta and cancelled games, so we just slowed down the updates instead than stop them at all. Right now we have scheduled updates already prepared till half of 2012, so even when we are super busy, U64 will still automatically update itself! The joy of scheduled posts :)

What do you think of the current U64 updates schedule? We have some more changes in the waiting line (as the alphabetical order for the archived posts), but if you have some suggestions for the site, they are all welcome! With the feature that lets everyone to add new articles to the U64 archive or to edit old pages, we are also getting a lot of help from visitors and that’s great (but remember that every edit and addition is reviewed before being published, so it could take some days).

Also, we would like to thanks our new sponsor, Black Friday Deals, with their support we now should have enough to pay for the Unseen 64 server for all 2012! They have a big list of gaming deals, so try to check them out, maybe you’ll find some cheap games :)


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[U64 Italian Podcast] Episodio 1.9 – Perfect Dark Zero Beta e Perfect Dark Core


The Unseen 64 Podcast is only in Italian, sorry!

U64 Podcast: Episodio 1.9 – Perfect Dark Zero Beta e Perfect Dark Core [58:34]In questa puntata della podcast finiremo il discorso sulla saga di Perfect Dark, assieme a mono, Yota, Infrid, John Doom e Mr Gamer: parleremo del tech demo di Perfect Dark su GameCube, la versione in Cell Shading, la scoperta delle foto di Perfect Dark Zero per Xbox, l’originale Mai-hem e i suoi capelli killer, le dubbie scelte degli sceneggiatori e la trama random, i livelli cancellati dalla versione finale, i misteriosi fratelli messicani, le origini scozzesi di Mr. Carrington, il design spastico di Joanna Dark, lo sviluppo accellerato per rilasciare il gioco al lancio dell’Xbox 360, lunghi tentativi per finire le missioni nell’originale PD, Otacon in PDZ, i cloni di Joanna, i collegamenti con PD per GameBoy Color, Joanna pelata, i DLC mai rilasciati, ingorghi automobilistici, il prototipo di Perfect Dark Core, le drammatiche pronunce in inglese, le animazioni di ricarica, la verità sulla morte di Elvis, i possibili modelli inutilizzati nascosti nel codice, la fine di Rare in casa per casual gamers, i segreti di Mr Pants. >> U64 Episodio 1.9 – Download Versione in MP3

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