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Unreleased Dragon’s Lair Genesis / Mega Drive leaked

The original Dragon’s Lair is a laserdisc game published by Cinematronics in 1983. A “port” for the Genesis / Mega Drive was in development, along with the SNES one, but it was never released. Dragon’s Lair Genesis / Mega Drive ROM leaked sometime around June / July 2011, it’s almost bug free and more or less complete. It is a port of the released SNES version. You can find the leaked Genesis / Megadrive version in here.

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Chex Quest 3 [PC – Cancelled]

A “Chex Quest 3” game was made by fans of the series who were disappointed that the third had been canceled. But, rather than make entirely new levels and graphics, they stole much of them from other mods (here you can download the stolen resource list), mostly from Hacx and STRAIN. This one was noticeably harder, and when it was discovered it was a fake, it was quickly discarded.
In 2008, ten years later, Charles ‘Chukker’ Jacobi, a former member of Digital Café, the makers of the original Chex Quest, created and released Chex Quest 3, including recreations of the original two episodes. Chex Quest 3 can be downloaded here.

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Cancelled Donkey Kong Country 4? [SNES – Fake / Rumor]

Rumors say that a new Donkey Kong game in the Donkey Kong Country series was planned for the Super Nintendo in 1997, made by Rare and Nintendo. However in 1998, the Rareware staff thought the project was too big for the SNES and moved Donkey Kong Country 4 to the new Nintendo 64 console.  In early 1999 Rare changed DKC4 into Donkey Kong Ultra for the 64DD, which would later be released on cart as “Donkey Kong 64”.

Lost characters and places from Donkey Kong Country 4 would be Bella Swan (originally Ditzi Duck), a ditzy and forgetful swan who always said people’s names incorrectly, The Sorcerer (the main villain of the SNES version) and The Wicked Sorceress (the main villain of the N64 version).  3 unused jingles that has been found in “Banjo-Kazooie” could be releated to the unreleased Donkey Kong Country 4.

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[New Article] Alan Wake Beta Analysis

Alan wake was developed by Remedy Entertainment (creators of the Max Payne series) and published for the Xbox 360. Originally, the game was planned to be released on all next-gen platforms, but  later it was announced only for pc and xbox 360. However, at end the computer porting got cancelled,because Microsoft didn’t want to lose an important exclusive for his console.Remedy has stated that  a windows edition of Alan wake is “not on the cards at the moment.” >> Read the full article