Streets Of Rage 4 [Dreamcast – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

Streets Of Rage 4 [Dreamcast – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

Early in the Sega Dreamcast production cycle, demos tentatively titled Streets of Rage 4 were made by Sega of Japan to bring the Streets of Rage series to the platform. This tech demo showed a character similar to Axel fighting off a group of enemy characters. Various changes in gameplay had apparently been planned, including the introduction of new team attacks and a new first person perspective. However, allegedly due to new management at Sega of America being unaware of the series and its past success, Sega did not follow up on it and the game never advanced past the demo stage. Video clips of a demo were eventually leaked online. – [info from Wikipedia]



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9 thoughts on “Streets Of Rage 4 [Dreamcast – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

  1. justin

    i wouldve loved to see a streets of rage game again settings 1980’s just like those old brawler cop and criminal movies gotta love those . make it around a good elaborating story with the cliche convo s and you got a winner .

  2. MightyBeardEden

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this went on to become SpikeOut. I always thought it was odd that game was released without a Streets of Rage brand name attached to it given the gameplay and characters.

  3. shyne shyne

    they should try an make streets of rage 4 again but with a better team and bring it out for update systems like xbox360 and ps3

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