Spiral Nightmare Type X [DC – Unreleased?]

Spiral Nightmare Type X [DC – Unreleased?]

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ITA: ??? (da scrivere)


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4 thoughts on “Spiral Nightmare Type X [DC – Unreleased?]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    DC UK, Nov 2000 featured this, they said player controplled Yohan as he fought his way through a vast 3D world, but this was mo ordinary monster blaster, scenarios would change through the ‘Emotional Communication System’, which would allow you to manipulate some of the 20 odd characters in the game.

    Game also promised:Changeable scenarios, a battle-system inspired by Bio-Hazard (and thus you could target specific body parts), you’d collect DNA from fallen foes and program grenades with it and also fully deformable 3D backgrounds.It was due late 2000 in Japan.

      1. AestheticGamer

        Here’s as much info as I think is available on the game:


        Gives a basic plot synopsis in the second article especially, it seems two of the big systems for the game was that you could call NPCs, which there was around 20 of, and there was a relationship system with multiple endings based on this. You could also take DNA from enemies and craft bullets with special qualities, IE explosion, lightning, freezing, etc., and different enemies had different strengths/weaknesses to different types of DNA bullets. Also destructible environments.

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