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Mini Racers N64: do you want to play it? Here’s your chance!

Sometime ago an almost final-version of the cancelled Mini Racers for the Nintendo 64 was sold on Ebay and now the lucky winner of the auction, olivieryuyu, would be happy to share the game with every beta-lover! People are donating for a community dump of the Mini Racers ROM, togheter we can help to finally release this lost racing game and play it in multiplayer with our friends (with an emulator)!

Here are some more info on the Mini Racers community dump:

39 tracks, multiplayers, track builder, time attack mode. I went to the credit of the game. It has music and sounds.

Only track 27 seems buggy (it crashes on real hardware)

I made a very short video of it under an emulator (without sounds sorry).


I do request 1.250 USD for this release. My paypal email address is [email protected]

Please let me know what you chipped in with a post.

I honestly hate asking money for a release but as you might have noticed, the prices of those 2 protos were quite high and I need to recoup some of the losses.

BONUS: Tamiya Racing 64, a demo concept of Mini Racers, will also be released with this community dump!

You can follow the fundraising in the NES World forum!


Treasure Hunt [GBA – Cancelled]

Treasure Hunt is a cancelled action adventure game that was in development by Orbital Media Inc for the GameBoy Advance. As we can read from Richard Knight‘s website moogle.net:

Treasure Hunt was a prototype overhead adventure game for the Game Boy Advance. The concept itself was meant to be a blend of classical click-adventure mechanics with some new features and a Link’s Awakening style presentation. Suffice to say, we wanted the bar-none best looking game on the hardware.

Treasure Hunt was a sister-project to the studio’s main focus, Racing Gears Advance. As such, it didn’t have much programming support, and ended up being more of an artist test bed. Outside of some E3 showings it has rarely ever been seen.

Treasure Hunt was never meant to be the actual name; it was just the one that happened to stick. It was also trademarked, sparking an internal hunt to find a new name. The process was pretty drawn out, and basically in fatigue we settled on “Jukka’s Treasure”.

After years without consistent programming support, a changing design and a changing budget, I moved on to start Pirate Battle. The art style was thrown out and the game design was redone from the ground up to become Juka and the Monophonic Menace. Very little of the game described above was used; apart from a few character similarities they are entirely different in visuals and gameplay.


Pioneer LaserActive beta and cancelled games

The LaserActive Preservation Project is a new blog that is working to preserve documents about the obscure Pioneer LaserActive console and its beta / cancelled games. Below you can see an interesting video full of unseen Laseractive titles and thanks to the project team we have some more info about what we can see in there:

2:23, 2:25, 6:24 – 6:27, 6:41, : Unknown Title #1. Could have been a proof-of-concept mockup, or footage of an unreleased game. Due to the disparity in image quality, it’s probably the former.

6:46: Unknown Title #2: Maybe footage from Goku proof-of-concept?

5:44 – 5:57, 6:28 – 6:30: Goku [SEGA MEGA-LD, 1995] (BETA). Early CGI footage, may or may not have been used in the final game.

5:57 – 6:03, 6:15 – 6:17, 6:37, 6:39 – 6:40, 6:42, 6:48 – 6:50: Pyramid Patrol [SEGA MEGA-LD, 1993] (PROOF-OF-CONCEPT/MOCKUP): Unused CGI footage showing “rough drafts of several stages from Pyramid Patrol.

6:31 – 6:33, 6:38, 6:45 – 6:47, 8:58 – 9:43: Pyramid Patrol [SEGA MEGA-LD, 1993] (BETA).
Identical to the finished product except for a different crosshair animation when charged shot is fully charged, as well as different enemy placement.

12:36 – 13:15: Hi-Roller Battle [SEGA MEGA-LD, 1993] (BETA).
No HUD or enemies implemented in this build of the game. Looks to be a recording of a computer workstation exploring the unfinished game area in real time; it is definitely not being played on a LaserActive, which could not support real-time rendering of 3D environments.

13:57 – 14:26: Vajra [NEC LD-ROM2, 1993] (BETA). No healthbars or score implemented in this build of the game.

Check the LaserActive Preservation Project for more info and updates!


Mini Racers N64 prototype now available to buy on eBay

After the Tamiya Racing auction, another Looking Glass Studios cancelled Nintendo 64 game is now available to buy on Ebay: Mini Racers! This looked like an awesome multiplayer game similar to micromachines, it was really a shame that it was never released. The price for this proto is quite high, currently more than 2.000 $, but we hope that if someone (maybe you?) could be able to afford this cancelled title, maybe they could share some new videos with everyone! We’ll be happy to see more from the game :)

Thanks to Joel for the link!