Overstorm [GBA – Cancelled]

Overstorm [GBA – Cancelled]

Overstorm is a cancelled action / platform game created by Quantized Bit for Game Boy Advance. It was shown publicly only once in a 2003 gaming convention. However, in 2014, the developers decided to give away an alpha build of the game, featuring five different levels, in a Indiestand game sale of their last product, Volt:

Beat the average to get the bonus content, which is: 5-levels alpha-stage Overstorm game (our older, never released GBA project) – you can play it in any GBA emulator in a fullscreen mode!



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3 thoughts on “Overstorm [GBA – Cancelled]

  1. quantizedbit

    The funny thing is that game was called Unseen at the beginning but short after we decided to change it – unfortunately that didn’t help the game to be released :)

    1. monokoma

      interesting, thanks for the info! And huge props to you for sharing this online, it’s always a shame when unreleased games are lost forever without trace :O

  2. Fender

    Great game! I felt it is like a mix of Abe Oddworld, Donkey Kong Country and Tomb Raider :)
    I did a full gameplay , but there was one level I got stuck on, the last one.
    If anyone like you can watch here:

    I would love to see a full version remake of this, the story fells like it can be really interesting. The way I fell it could be about a ship that crashed on an unknown planet and this girl is the only survive and she just tries to survive and maybe she is trying to find someone that can help her fix her ship again. But I have no ide about the real story.

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