The new U64 Forum?

The new U64 Forum?

U64 Forum

Do you miss the U64 Forum? We are trying to find the best way to create a new forum, but we need your feedback!

As the old U64 forums were on the same server as the main site, they used a lot of resources and to moderate them was time-consuming.. also, as the U64 forums had to be removed from the U64 server, they are not accessible anymore.

So we are thinking about to use a Facebook Group as the new U64 Forum: that will not take any resource from the main U64 server and even if U64 will go down again, at least Facebook will stay online and the “forum” will be accessible (almost) forever.. what do you think?

We will collect all your feedbacks and decide what to do! Leave your comment below and tell us what you think about to use a Facebook Group as the new U64 Forum :)

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4 thoughts on “The new U64 Forum?

  1. Robert Seddon

    It’s probably worth looking at what other people are doing: HG101 uses ProBoards, for example. The only advantage I can see in Facebook particularly is that many people already use it–but those who don’t want to use it already won’t want to use it just to access a niche gaming forum.

  2. Wojtek Kubiak

    If we’re going to be serious about this then no, please, no Facebook groups.
    Try to find a discussion that happened on a fairly popular group like a month ago. Maybe two months? What about half a year?
    Fact is, Facebook groups suck if we go into archiving discussions or trying to search for something in the scope of the discussion group.

    Going for another full-fledged forum would be the proper way to go IMHO.

    1. monokoma Post author

      indeed, to find an old discussion would be hard with FB, still i don’t know if there would be many discussions in the U64 Forum, as i probably will not have the time to check it often and as we saw with the last Forum, with no one to moderate and reply to every topic it became quite empty :( Anyway i had a look to ProBoards, it does not look too bad, but i still have to check all their features

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