F1 Racing Championship 2 [Cancelled – PS2 PC]

F1 Racing Championship 2 [Cancelled – PS2 PC]

F1 Racing Championship 2 is a cancelled racing developed by Video System and supossed to be published by Ubisoft. In the background Players can recreate historical races whereby they must meet various racing targets in conditions and situations that actually occurred in the 2000 FIA Formula One World Championship season. New special effects include motion blur, camera vibrations and different contrast levels.

It was scheduled to be released in the four quarter of 2001 for Playstation 2 and PC, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.

Information & Images are obtained of Neoseeker.com

Thanks to Jesus Enrique Sanches for the contribution!


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7 thoughts on “F1 Racing Championship 2 [Cancelled – PS2 PC]

  1. VirtuaIceMan

    These look very similar to the PC version of F1 Racing Championship, so I can guess they are from the PC version. The developers tweaked the cars and tracks (e.g. removed Monaco, renamed every track as a different country, removed Malaysia’s grandstand roof, etc) and eventually released it as the unofficial RS3 – Racing Simulation 3.

    I believe rumours of them losing the F1 license at the time were to do with them including multiplayer over the internet, which I believe the FIA wasn’t allowing for some reason. However this is probably not the whole picture!

    1. shortcat

      Yeah, I guess this wasn’t cancelled, but renamed into Racing Simulation 3 since they lost the license.

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