Iron Hammer [SEGA VR – Unreleased]

Iron Hammer [SEGA VR – Unreleased]


Sega, flush with funds from the Sega Mega Drive (released as the Sega Genesis in North America), announced the Sega VR add-on in 1991. It was based around an IDEO virtual reality headset (HMD) with LCD screens in the visor and stereo headphones. Inertial sensors in the headset allowed the system to track and react to the movements of the user’s head. Because of development difficulties the Sega VR remained only a prototype, it was last seen at computer shows in 1993 and vanished from the release schedules in 1994. Four games were apparently developed for the system, each using 16 Mb cartridges that were to be bundled with the headset. [Info from Wikipedia]

One of these Sega VR games was Iron Hammer, a first person shooter with futuristic aircraft. A prototype of this game was somehow saved from the limbo and thanks to Nicola from, we had a brief chance to play it at the VGH 2008, a little videogames expo that took place in Monza (Italy) the last May. You can check the video below to see Iron Hammer in motion.


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One thought on “Iron Hammer [SEGA VR – Unreleased]

  1. Klappstuhl

    That would have been lightyears ahead ofthe Wii. Motion Control VR HELMETS? DAMN!

    WHERE’S MY VR AT!? I’m looking at YOU Gaming Industry!

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