Kaboom: the Mad Bomber returns [SNES – Cancelled]

Kaboom: The Mad Bomber Returns (also know as Kaboom! 2) is a cancelled action game that was in development in 1993 / 1994 by High Voltage Software / Activision (?) for the Super Nintendo. The game was based on the original Kaboom! for the Atari 2006. Gameplay in the original Kaboom! consists of using a paddle controller controller to catch bombs dropped by the “Mad Bomber”, so we can assume that the SNES version was going to be similar.

A prototype of Kaboom SNES was found in 2001 by an user of the Atari Age forum:

It look’s to pretty much to be a “Technology Demo”. Good at best. Very repetetive. There’s some-sort of mad doctor on a flying carpet, throwing down bombs to a kid who runs back ‘n’ forth trying to catch them. Not very impressive and very slow. […] This version look’s as though it was done by High Voltage Software.

Celine was able to find a couple of screens in Game Power (an italian magazine) issue 20, while some other info were found by Zwackery from the Atari Age Forum, in VideoGames magazine (vol. V, no. 11, Nov 1993). As we can read from the VGM article, Kaboom:  The Mad Bomber Returns was shown at the summer CES  1991 in Chicago, along with the cancelled “River Raid: The Mission of No Return” remake.

It seems that “both got killed because the developers couldn’t push the SNES boundaires with either one” as noted by Klove in the Atari Age Forum.


Tetris & Dr. Mario [SNES – Unused Stuff]

Tetris & Dr. Mario is a compilation for the Super Nintendo, containing the two individual games. Nensondubois has found that there is an unused and fully complete options menu in this compilation, that was removed for one reason or another from the final version.

The options menu can still be acessed thanks to a code created by Nensondubois. To access the Tetris options menu, you will need this PAR code 7E1E1B03, which will modify the menu selected. The options menu contains a set of options that are standard to most games. You will find a fully working control setup and input test (for testing the buttons on your controller). The sound test is somewhat incomplete (maybe Nintendo was lazy and didn’t bother finishing it).

For Dr. Mario it is the same situation. Here is the PAR code for Dr. Mario: 7E1E7203. Mixed Match is quite different but the game contains the same fully working set of options: to access it you will need to go to Tetris then activate this code 7E1E0E02 and you will be taken to the Mixed Match options menu. There are also some unused sounds in the Sound tests. There is also a Tetris debug menu that is very difficult to get working, but you could see it with “7E1E0E09”. This code will allow you to replace the selected game with the Tetris debug menu.

On a related note, there is also a way to access the entire game of Tetris & Dr. Mario in the BS version of Dr. Mario with these codes: 7E1E7203 –

Thanks a lot to Nensondubois for the contribution!

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Tornado Alley [GC/XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Tornado Alley is a cancelled action game that was in development by Atomic Planet in 2002 / 2003 for the Playstation 2, GameCube and Xbox. As we can read from the official press release, in the game the player would had to take control of one of the most powerful forces of Mother Nature, a Tornado, and guide it to do as much damage as possible, without running out of wind power.

To keep the twister alive we would had to follow the contours of the landscape, watching for thermals and building up the power of the cyclone with the right balance of warm and cold air. Cars and trailers could have been picked up to give ammunition to the vortex, to be churned around inside before being spat out with huge destructive force. Probably the gameplay would have been somehow similar to Katamari Damacy and Thornado (DS), but even with this interesting concept, the project was never released for unknow reasons.


Henry Hatsworth [DS – Beta & Concept]

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is a Nintendo DS action-adventure and puzzle game created by Kyle Gray, who founded the “Experimental Gameplay Project” with Kyle Gabler, the creator of World of Goo. Gray led a seven-man team at EA Tiburon to develop the game.  While the game is an action-platformer on the top screen, once enemies are defeated by Hatsworth, they are sent to the bottom screen as puzzle blocks. [Info From Wikipedia]

In the beta version of the game there were some differences in the HUD, levels and gameplay:

  • The Puzzle Meter was in the top screen.
  • Different icon for the Rifle weapon.
  • “Young” Henry had a full series of “silver hearts” to consume before return to the “old” Henry. In the final game, only half of the hearts are silver ones.  It was like to have 2 energy bars at once (making the game easier).
  • Some of the puzzle blocks had a different design / face.
  • Henry’s animations were still incomplete.
  • A couple of parts in the beta videos seem to be from a removed level or an early design of a final one.
  • The bouncing baloons were pink, instead of yellow.

Also, in the concept arts we can notice many Bosses that were cut from the final game, as the ones that look like Benjamin Franklin or the 3 muscle men from the circus. In the artworks we can even see early and unused designs for  the normal enemies, Henry’s ship (from one of the secret levels) and puzzle blocks.




Manhattan Project (Blood Lines) [PSX – Beta]

Manhattan Project is the early working title of Blood Lines, an action / puzzle game developed by Radical Entertainment in 1998, for the original Playstation. In the game the player needs to touch the light sources that are placed in the levels, to change them in his own color. At the end of the time, the player that owns more lights wins the match.

From these early screens we can notice that the characters in the beta version were different and even the light effects are not like the final ones.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Video (from the final version):