De Blob [Wii – Beta]

De Blob [Wii – Beta]

De Blob is platform-puzzle game developed by Blue Tongue and published by THQ in 2008. The game was originally developed as a free downloadable game for the Windows PC by students of Game Design & Development and Game and Media Technology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

THQ noticed the game and was very impressed with the team’s work, acquired the rights and handed over the project to Blue Tongue Entertainment to develope the Wii version. [Info from Wikipedia]

MrRetroGamer96 found a video of an alpha/ near beta version of De Blob from E3 2007:  the hud is entirely different, and the other heroes besides De Blob are not the same. Billboards all have the same image in this version, wheras in the final game they are diverse in the image that shows up on them.


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One thought on “De Blob [Wii – Beta]

  1. HackySacc

    Idk if this has been documented yet, but I just wanted to show that somebody has compiled some De Blob beta videos uploaded by IGN, here’s the link:

    Once again, idk if this has been shown off yet, but judging by how most of the videos have less than 1K views, I figured that it’d be best to mention it here. The original creator also claimed they got in touch with John Guscott, and he has uploaded a load of music that seems to come from John himself as claimed.

    Music for cancelled De Blob for DS:

    Full soundtrack for De Blob w unheard music? :

    Hopefully I haven’t just wasted my time typing this, hopefully someone gets use outta this post :)

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