Stackers (Stackpack) [GameCube, PC – Prototype]

Stackers (Stackpack) [GameCube, PC – Prototype]

Stackers / Stackpack is an unreleased platform / puzzle game that was in development by Santa Cruz Games for the GameCube and PC. This project was probably an evolution of their Pickles prototype, in which the player had to stack various characters on each other, to resolve the levels. The Pickles demo was shown at the Game Connection 2006 as wrote in an article published on Gamasutra by Lost Level’s Frank Cifaldi, but sadly Stackers and Pickles remained only tech demos, as Santa Cruz Games was not able to put more time and money into them.


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One thought on “Stackers (Stackpack) [GameCube, PC – Prototype]

  1. Mike Parisi

    Hey this is Mike Parisi, I modeled these critters and was the guy pushing for this to happen. It is indeed using the SCG Pickles engine. The idea was from the famous artist Tim Biskup, who originally created the “Stack Pack” as a series of paintings, toys and other odd pop-surrealist things. I’ve worked on several games that never saw the light of day, but this one is particular painful as even the demo was ridiculously fun. Oh well, you can still buy the toys on Ebay!

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