Pickles [GC/PC – Prototype]

Pickles [GC/PC – Prototype]

Pickles is a prototype for a platform / adventure game that was developed by Santa Cruz Games in 2005 / 2006 for the GameCube and PC. They created a playable demo for the game running on their own engine, but it’s currently unknown if they ever tried to pitch the project to a publisher. The Pickles demo was shown at the Game Connection 2006 as wrote in an article published on Gamasutra by Lost Level‘s Frank Cifaldi:

“So the soldier monkeys have bombs, and the elephant shoots peanuts like a machine gun and stuff,” explained Alex Neuse, Project Manager for Santa Cruz Games. “The idea is that you’re stacking, and as you stack your teeter tower is toppling. This is just a tech demo, but if we could really devote some time and money into it, it could be really awesome.”

The Pickles demo looked really interesting, but it never evolved into a full game.


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7 thoughts on “Pickles [GC/PC – Prototype]

  1. plaguedoctor

    I honestly think this would have been a fun game. Maybe it could have had a small cult following because of the stacking mechanic. Plus, its a goddamn monkey on a unicycle, no one could argue to that.

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