Wizard [Wii – Cancelled]

Wizard [Wii – Cancelled]

Wizard was a RPG in development for the Wii, which was started at SuperVillain Studios (Crash of the Titans, Order Up!) in 2007. The story revolved around heroes who were trying to pursue a mysterious little girl trapped in the mist ravines. Sadly Wizard was cancelled due to a lack of funding in early 2009, but some screens and videos are archived in the gallery below, to preserve its existence.

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4 thoughts on “Wizard [Wii – Cancelled]

  1. Vince

    This SUCKS! This game looked hella promising – a charming, clean art style that plays to the Wii’s strength. A fantasy/adventure game (there’s a noticeable lack of them on the platform).

    It clearly was designed with some thought as well – a cinematic camera, again, suits the hardware very well since it lacks an analog stick and cinematic camera-games are easier to play. Hence a broader audience would’ve been able to play this. It would’ve been nice if the combat ended up using the Wii remote to cast a lot of spells, and with a name like Wizard, i wouldn’t have been surprised if it did. With the camera working on it’s own, you could just worry about waving the Wii remote care-free. It could’ve been really fun!

    It was looking really, really good. Dangit – frickin’ 800 FPS’s a year get greenlit for release, but something charming like this has an uphill fight. Man, I hate this industry sometimes…

  2. coalar

    Aw, man…this game looked like it could have been a ton of fun…

    …The Wii will never have good games on it if they keep getting canceled!!! T_T

  3. themadhaxor

    Looks like a mix between Torchlight and Sorcery…not too shabby!
    Shame it never saw release like so many others!

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