Darkwatch 2 [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Darkwatch 2 [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Darkwatch 2 is the cancelled sequel of the 2005 FPS that was developed by High Moon Studios and published for the Playstation 2 and Xbox. Few months after the release of the first game, High Moon started to work on Darkwatch 2, following the same gameplay and scenario of the original title but now with the graphic power of the PS3 and Xbox 360. The project was shown at the GDC 2006 with a beta build as the studio was trying to pitch the game to a new publisher, but it seems that they did not have any luck and Darkwatch 2 was never finished.

Thanks a lot to Dave Wilkins for his artworks!



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27 thoughts on “Darkwatch 2 [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

  1. vlad

    it has been 6-7 years now, if capcom can publish this game, for ps3, that would be awesome, devil may cry, and resident evil is awesome, thanks to capcom, so is shadows of the damned

  2. toxickun

    nooooooooooooooo DX awww i waited the day darkwatch2 would come out someday T.T my dreams are shattered (glooms) ;-;

  3. Rodrigo

    Nooooooooooooooooo can’t believe that was going to have a sequel…. They just cancelled :(

    Capcom so mercenary, can’t worry about games lately x(

  4. f1t am3rch1ck

    I love this game! Now my dreams are shattered too! This would have been a hit. Maybe I can help get others who enjoyed the game to bring notice to capcom! Search my name on facebook if your interested on helping!

  5. afonso

    se ele ve-se este site talves ele continuaria seu projeto para min darkwatch foi o melhor jogo que eu joguei e sempre procurei na internete alguma informação se darkwatch teria uma continuação ele e o crash que pena que ele foi cancelado

  6. bradley

    I just want to say you need to make a dark watch 2 on Xbox one I loved dark watch it was the best you can choose what side you want and the story was perfect also if you made a dark watch now it would be the best hit

  7. bradley

    Think about it if you made a seqeal it can go on from the last and all the good graphics wehave now a days we can make this game rise to the top in 2015 2016 plzzzzz iI promise you will make more money then you could imagine

    1. James

      Not many coop games. My daughter and I loved this game. Please make a sequel so we can spend more time together LOL

  8. bradley

    If you do make another focus on the campaign this game is meant for story but I’m not saying to make this game and the story not be like the first also add more demons stuff that can crawl on the wall pluss you could make the story where someone else in the dark watch trys to take Jericho’s throne or or jericho becomes the angel of the dark watch

  9. joshua armes

    best game ever made like to play dark watch 2 on xbox360 but on this one custom all wepons 2 more evil looking and be abull to chang contro how u wont and story like to see more evil bosses fights in the under world of darkness like were wolf and demons andzombies and witches devils and final boss a dark lord never to ben seend never to be talked off a evil unlike eney other darkness ever seend total destruction and chaos pure evil and unlockable clothes my ideal for the dark watch 2 and when is the release date for it thank u

    1. Hijacker

      If they made a darkwatch remak/remaster for the ps4,xbox one,pc they would be set, capom please listen to your fan. :)

  10. Sina Tashakkori

    RIP. Darkwatch 1 was one of the greatest coop horror fps games of all time. Very unique game with high replay-ability

  11. nathan

    I did not know that the sequel to one of my favorite games was farther in development than I thought, granted that could be because every time I remember that this game hasn’t gotten a continuation yet hurts me

  12. Mike leonard

    Bro this game was amazing on ps2 why they cancel it …. It was a very good story and i liked the coop on it the vs was ok but the coop made this game awesome im upset that it no more i still hope on dark watch on my ps2 and play it

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