Rat Attack [N64/PSX – Beta]

Rat Attack! is a puzzle / action game developed by Pure Entertainment that was released in 1999 on PlayStation and in 2000 on Nintendo 64. The object of the game is to clear each level of a certain total of rats, without getting hit enough times to lose a life, or ensuring the room wasn’t destroyed, which would also kill you. [Info from Wikipedia]

LavaWave has found some beta Rat Attack screenshot with removed levels , high quality models (instead of the low quality ones in the final game) and a boss stage with the scorpion king totally revamped (probably a target render). Also, the official site of the game surprisingly is still alive since 1998 or so, in which we can read an interesting “the making of rat attack” section.

Thanks a lot to LavaWave for the contribution!


Equinox (Solstice 2) [SNES – Beta]

Equinox, also known as Solstice II, is an isometric 3D action / puzzle game developed by Software Creations and published by Sony Imagesoft in 1994 for the Super Nintendo. In some early beta screens (1991?) published in EGM issue 27, we can notice that the sprite of the protagonist was completely different from the one in the final version.

Final Game:




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RS Links: the unheard burps in Tapper


As we can read on Wikipedia, Tapper is a 1983 arcade game released by Bally Midway. The goal of the game is to serve beer and collect empty mugs and tips. Robert Seddon has linked us to an article on Edge Online, in which they talk about some removed content from the game:

Sometimes good ideas turn bad when you actually hear them. Such was the case with the burps in Tapper. Wanting to take advantage of a brand-new digitising chip from Texas Instruments, Meyer and Morrison thought it would be a good idea to add a burp every time a character finished a drink.

So, to create the source audio, a group from the Tapper team went into a conference room with a bunch of soft drinks, beers and microphones, and just started burping.

Looking back on the misguided notion, Morrison says: “We put it in, and it was disgusting.” The game was so fast and the drinks were being finished so quickly that you heard constant belching. In the end, the duo didn’t bother installing the burps or the TI chip, although Morrison admits that passing by their office during that phase of development was a treat for all within earshot.


The Act [Arcade – Unreleased]

The Act is an interesting arcade game developed by Cecropia, that was never officially released, but the few cabinets that were made were eBayed and some local arcades and collectors were able to get them.  A video review of The Act can be found at The Game Grin Arcade website, in which they play their cabinet that can be found in Utah.

As they wrote in the video description:

It’s a real shame that they pulled the project as while it is a game that is along the lines of something like Dragon’s Lair, it is far more advanced than DL, Space Ace or any other FMV game that has come along that I have played as while those early FMV games promised interactivity they didn’t truly deliver on that promise while The Act does. […]

The Act is helped by it’s unique control scheme which is very simple to understand and use. All you have is a knob that you turn during gameplay to affect what happens in a scene. The further you turn the knob the more intense the reaction of the main character Edgar gets. […]

Because The Act was canceled it is very rare – only 40 units were made and of those only about 10 actually made it out onto eBay.

Thanks a lot to Luke for the contribution!


Kaboom: the Mad Bomber returns [SNES – Cancelled]

Kaboom: The Mad Bomber Returns (also know as Kaboom! 2) is a cancelled action game that was in development in 1993 / 1994 by High Voltage Software / Activision (?) for the Super Nintendo. The game was based on the original Kaboom! for the Atari 2006. Gameplay in the original Kaboom! consists of using a paddle controller controller to catch bombs dropped by the “Mad Bomber”, so we can assume that the SNES version was going to be similar.

A prototype of Kaboom SNES was found in 2001 by an user of the Atari Age forum:

It look’s to pretty much to be a “Technology Demo”. Good at best. Very repetetive. There’s some-sort of mad doctor on a flying carpet, throwing down bombs to a kid who runs back ‘n’ forth trying to catch them. Not very impressive and very slow. […] This version look’s as though it was done by High Voltage Software.

Celine was able to find a couple of screens in Game Power (an italian magazine) issue 20, while some other info were found by Zwackery from the Atari Age Forum, in VideoGames magazine (vol. V, no. 11, Nov 1993). As we can read from the VGM article, Kaboom:  The Mad Bomber Returns was shown at the summer CES  1991 in Chicago, along with the cancelled “River Raid: The Mission of No Return” remake.

It seems that “both got killed because the developers couldn’t push the SNES boundaires with either one” as noted by Klove in the Atari Age Forum.