The Act [Arcade – Unreleased]

The Act [Arcade – Unreleased]

The Act is an interesting arcade game developed by Cecropia, that was never officially released, but the few cabinets that were made were eBayed and some local arcades and collectors were able to get them.  A video review of The Act can be found at The Game Grin Arcade website, in which they play their cabinet that can be found in Utah.

As they wrote in the video description:

It’s a real shame that they pulled the project as while it is a game that is along the lines of something like Dragon’s Lair, it is far more advanced than DL, Space Ace or any other FMV game that has come along that I have played as while those early FMV games promised interactivity they didn’t truly deliver on that promise while The Act does. […]

The Act is helped by it’s unique control scheme which is very simple to understand and use. All you have is a knob that you turn during gameplay to affect what happens in a scene. The further you turn the knob the more intense the reaction of the main character Edgar gets. […]

Because The Act was canceled it is very rare – only 40 units were made and of those only about 10 actually made it out onto eBay.

Thanks a lot to Luke for the contribution!


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6 thoughts on “The Act [Arcade – Unreleased]

  1. lol

    When I went down to Utah to visit my family, I decided to stop off at the Valley Fair Mall (where this is located) and there was an out of order sign on it. :(

  2. Adam

    Sorry about the game being broken at the time – the knob stopped working completely and I spent weeks trying to get it fixed. Because it was so custom, finding a way to replace certain parts has been a headache, especially where the company who made this folded.

    The game is working now, I replaced the knob with a trackball for the time being and soon I will try out a different arcade spinner. I also am going to remove the CRT monitor and throw in a nice LCD here before too long.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Awesome work Adam! Thanks a lot for preserving this game, probably i’ll never be able to play it as i live in italy, but it’s nice to know that it’s still out there and working :)

  3. Adam

    Who knows, I was talking to someone at an arcade show and we discussed bringing the game back from the dead. Not sure if it will ever happen but there is some interest in it out there. :)

  4. ASilver


    From what I understand, any USB spinner can be used. Check out the Griffin Powermate. It should work well, and costs only $30-$50.

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