Guy Savage (MGS3) [PS2 – Cancelled?]

Guy Savage (MGS3) [PS2 – Cancelled?]

As we can read at Metal Gear Wikia, Guy Savage is the name of an easter-egg mini game that can be found in Metal Gear Solid 3. This mini-game was directed by Shuyo Murata (MGS3 writer) as stated in the credits. Guy Savage is a basic hack-n-slash game where the player encounters a vast amount of enemies, and must press the attack buttons repeatedly to defeat them.

While there’s not an official statement, rumors say that Guy Savage was supposed to be a Konami game in development, that was later cancelled. The playable demo that was created as an internal pitch for the project was added in MGS3 just for fun.

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2 thoughts on “Guy Savage (MGS3) [PS2 – Cancelled?]

  1. Marshall Leslie

    I don’t know if this is actually what happened, but if you compare this early version of Guy Savage to the Konami game Nanobreaker, which was released a year later, you’re sure to notice some gameplay similarity. I would guess that Guy Savage was actually reworked into Nanobreaker.

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