Sticky Balls [PSP – Cancelled]

Sticky Balls [PSP – Cancelled]

Sticky Balls is a cancelled puzzle game that was in development for the PSP.  As we can read on Wikipedia, the project was developed by Zed Two initially for Pocket PCs. After Zed Two was bought out by Warthog, a new version was in development for the PSP, until Warthog was bought out by Tiger Telematics and development was switched to the Gizmondo. The game was finally published for the Gizmondo, but it was different from the PSP one (that before being cancelled became more similar to Monkey Balls / Kororinpa).

At the Pickford Bros website (that worked on Sticky Balls) we can read some more info on its development:

Designed with the Pocket PC’s touch screen in mind, the game was prototyped on the PC in Blitz Basic and given to friends and people in the office to play, and even made available for free download from, but not neccessarily intended as commercial product. The demo ended up being passed around the UK video game industry, and in response to the surprising popularity we developed the game a little further, and opened a website to keep track of hi-score tables.

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2 thoughts on “Sticky Balls [PSP – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    From the interview in Gamestm 22:

    ‘Sadly i’ve lost the rights to that game and any involvement with it’s ongoing development, which is probably the most frustrating thing that’s ever happened to me’

    John Pickford.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Warthog artist John Lomax was the lead artist on the PSP version and said it was because the PSP was a direct competitor to the Gizmondo, they quickly lost the right to release a PSP version, so he, along with a coder, was moved to handle a conversion of the game, to the Gizmondo, but after having worked on the PSP hardware, was no real fan of the Gizmondo hardware…as amongst other things, he had to see his PSP artwork stripped back to sprites, in order to run on the Gizmondo hardware.

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