Road Riot 4WD [MD/G – Cancelled]

Road Riot 4WD [MD/G – Cancelled]

A Genesis / Mega Drive version of Road Riot 4WD was in development at Tengen in 1993, but it was later cancelled. The game is an arcade racing game somehow similar to Mario Kart. A SNES (1992) and an Arcade (1991) versions do exist, but while the SNES version doesnt look that good, the Genesis one seems to have been graphically more similar to the Arcade game. It’s currently unknown if the canned game would have had new tracks. Some images were found in Joypad magazine #7, EGM # 40 and # 41!

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5 thoughts on “Road Riot 4WD [MD/G – Cancelled]

  1. Anonymous

    if the developer Tengen couldn’t recreate the Road Riot 4WD arcade game on

    Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive using a 8 Mbit cartridge they should’ve beefed it up

    the developer Tengen should have used a 9, 10, 11, 12 megabit MD cartridge

  2. Ben

    As per German ‘Gamers’ magazine 1/93 there were supposed to be 11 tracks. They also had two additional screenshots including one of the too 90s for the 90s characters (a Valkyrie/scandanavian looking lady called Helga Grossbergen)

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