Pinky [GEN MD GG – Cancelled]

Pinky is a platform game developed by Data Design Systems and published by Millenium for Amiga in 1995. Tengen was supposed to publish the Genesis / Mega Drive and Game Gear versions in 1994 but , as far as we know, they never did. Probably because in 1995 the market for those Sega platforms was dying and cartridge based business was very risky. A couple of articles were found in old Sega Pro magazines by Rod_Wod.


Road Riot 4WD [MD/G – Cancelled]

A Genesis / Mega Drive version of Road Riot 4WD was in development at Tengen in 1993, but it was later cancelled. The game is an arcade racing game somehow similar to Mario Kart. A SNES (1992) and an Arcade (1991) versions do exist, but while the SNES version doesnt look that good, the Genesis one seems to have been graphically more similar to the Arcade game. It’s currently unknown if the canned game would have had new tracks. Some images were found in Joypad magazine #7, EGM # 40 and # 41!

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Interplanetary Lizards [MD/G – Cancelled]

Interplanetary Lizards is an action game that was in development by Tengen for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. In may 2009, Rod_Wod from the Assembler Forum shared various scans from old gaming magazines, and in one of these images we can see a screenshot from IL. The game was cancelled for unknown reasons.

Second screenshot from GameFan 2-3. Thanks to RetroGameFan9000 for the contribution!


Xybots [NES – Unreleased]

Xybots is an old third person shooter developed by Atari released for the arcades and many home computers in in the 80’s. A porting for the NES by Tengen was supposed to be released in 1990, but it was canceled even if the game was almost completed. The prototype was somehow leaked online and it can be easily found with a Google search.

Thanks a lot to NES World for the scan!