Pinky [GEN MD GG – Cancelled]

Pinky [GEN MD GG – Cancelled]

Pinky is a platform game developed by Data Design Systems and published by Millenium for Amiga in 1995. Tengen was supposed to publish the Genesis / Mega Drive and Game Gear versions in 1994 but , as far as we know, they never did. Probably because in 1995 the market for those Sega platforms was dying and cartridge based business was very risky. A couple of articles were found in old Sega Pro magazines by Rod_Wod.


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One thought on “Pinky [GEN MD GG – Cancelled]

  1. ECM

    I’d actually like to give this one a whirl. I have a starnge infatuation with James Pond 3, so I’m willing to give pre-eaten-by-Sony Millennium the benefit of the doubt.

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