Reich [X360 PS3 PC – Cancelled]

Reich [X360 PS3 PC – Cancelled]

Reich is a cancelled FPS that was in development by Ignition Entertainment Florida for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Other than blade and fire weapons, the main character would have had some powerful telekinetic abilities, as seen in the awesome leaked videos below, from noigniton’s Youtube Channel. The game was set in a sort of post-apocalyptic Germany, in which a new totalitarian regime would have ruled the country. Some features of the game were:

  • Unreal Engine 3 (modified w/ deferred lighting, physics engine was custom-made, and some other techy stuff)
  • Game was based on the idea that “Ambrosia” fueled your “psi-powers”.
  • Psi blades were blades attached to arms (think Baraka from MK3). This was eventully ditched.
  • Art direction for 6 month was to not have any curves in art. so everything was flat like boxes. Many people hated it.
  • Planned release for 10-10-10

As we can read on Develop Online, Reich was cancelled after the management executive of the studio mismanaged over $20 millions of funds that were meant to be used to finish the game:

The recent collapse of Ignition’s Florida studio, which left some 70 developers without a job, put the Reich project to a premature end.

Reich looked really promising, but sadly we’ll never be able to play it because of economic and management issues.



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5 thoughts on “Reich [X360 PS3 PC – Cancelled]

  1. Softshellcrab

    Several sources confirm that this game is in fact not cancelled, but the developing team changed. Not sure if this is true, but I think so. Someone should think about editing this post and adding that, Wikipedia for instance confirms it, but oh well, itis Wikipedia, so that doesn’t prove anything. Other sites confirm it as well, though.

  2. tabris

    This game is strangely connected to Immersion Games and Artificial Studios, their Cellfactor games (where gameplay videos came from), their in-house technology Reality Engine, bought by epic if I remember correctly and Ageia (now NVidia) PhysX.

    Look up their names on Google/Wiki for more info.

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