This is Vegas [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

This is Vegas [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

This is Vegas is an action / sandbox game that was in development for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 since 2006 / 2007  by Midway Games / Surreal Software, but sadly it seems that the game was cancelled in fall / late 2009.  Due to Midway’s financial troubles in 2009 the company sold certain assets to Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment which included This is Vegas and developer Surreal Software. SS then worked on some animations and characters for Snowblind’s LotR: War in the North. In December/January 2010 there were some layoffs and departures and in June 2010 the studio was closed down. 4 years of work on This is Vegas went directly into the bin.

Here is an introduction to This is Vegas’ story from an old Gamespot preview:

The game’s story follows you, an unnamed nobody, as you arrive in Vegas with 50 dollars in your pocket and hazy goals. As luck would have it, you’ll cross paths with Joey Nissan, a local “entrepreneur” who winds up working to get you in with the Vegas crowd. From the sound of it, this bit in the game will be your license to be decadent as you play. Of course, all good things don’t last forever, and soon you meet your nemesis: Preston Boyer, a fast food tycoon bent on cleaning up Vegas to be a family-friendly tourist trap. This doesn’t exactly fly far with you and your new crowd, so your goal will be to stop Boyer and preserve the town’s special atmosphere.



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Liam Robertson

4 thoughts on “This is Vegas [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. Alex Atkin UK

    I thought this game sounded interesting when it was first announced. Now seeing the information on here it makes me really sad as it did seem to be something slightly different to every other sandbox game out there.

    Considering how far along it seemed to have been in development its surprising nobody else picked it up. It certainly looked like a more worthy cause than things that have had such resurrections, eg Duke Nukem Forever.

  2. Jose U.S.

    This game had prime potential. It’s a shame Midway shut its doors and didn’t hand off production to Warner Bros. Interactive, considering how far it was into production, and the fact that I had it reserved, and if I remembered, paid off.

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