D-Jump! [N64 Dreamcast PS2 PC – Cancelled]

D-Jump! [N64 Dreamcast PS2 PC – Cancelled]

D-Jump is a cancelled platform / action game that was in development in 1997 / 1998 by Ubisoft Paris, planned to be released for the “next gen consoles” Dreamcast and Playstation 2, and also PC. It seems that the project was canned after 1 year and half of development, but there are just few info available. Derboo was able to find an article about D-Jump! in PowerPlay magazine issue 8/1998, in which we can see a couple of target renders. As we can read at IGN:

Starring a nimble “Rastafarian” lead character, D-Jump! blends action and platforming elements with a storyline based on time travel. Players must traverse several time periods to unlock the mystery of why their character is slowly turning into wood. Originally scheduled for release as a launch title for the PlayStation 2, D-Jump was later cancelled for unknown reasons.

For more information read this Gamespot article.

Thanks to derboo, Jorge and Isatis_Angel for the scans and to Nattie for her help in preserving more screens from their lost game!

One of the below scan is from Games Republic issue3.


Seems that while the main development version was for PC, initially the game could have been also planned for N64.
A preview with more real-time screenshots are in fact found in GamePlay 64 issue 9.
I’ve added to the gallery a couple real-time screenshots that show the game in a much late state of development with the bright and cartoony style (and some other renders/concept arts).
Additionally I’ve added a brief trailer below.



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4 thoughts on “D-Jump! [N64 Dreamcast PS2 PC – Cancelled]

  1. eSPy

    D. Jump

    Wooden, you know. How did it happen? One minute you’re a 20th century human, the next, you’re a wooden puppet in an Ancient Egyptian alter-reality. D. Jump is a game of emotions and logic as you explore 20 rich worlds and dream into action. Use your emotions to force actions – even self-explosions – and learn how to pull yourself together again in ‘Stress,’ ‘Groove,’ or ‘Love’ mode. Humor, surprises and fantastic storytelling support non-linear adventure and unprecedented action.
    PC CD-ROM, Q4-1998.

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