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Team Fortress 2 Alpha (Team GabeN’s) Leaked

Do you remember the post about the Team Fortress 2 Alpha “Invasion”? Well, a guy named 4emoman on BetaArchive seems to have leaked this build sometime ago, but his files went down later. Another user named Popbob has re-uploaded it on Rapidshare but on its release there are some unuseful files such as an MP3 in the TF2 folder that seems to have nothing to do with the release or Team GabeN’s tools for compiling maps.

LucaPM has uploaded a cleaner version of the Team Fortress 2 Alpha with batch files for opening the game with “advanced” options such as opening it with the control console. You can find this new leaked version at LucaPM’s blog or you can read more about this release at Team GabeN’s Wiki.

Below you can see a video of the alpha in action:


Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM PS2 Prototype Fundraiser

Update: Fundraiser Completed! The game was released by Borman / Superior Version in January 2010, thanks to everyone!

Evilhamwizard has started a new Fundraising project for an interesting proto: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. As he wrote in the U64 Forum:

[…] a Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM (Chain of Memories) translation prototype for the PS2, dating 10/01/08 (and for the record, the final US release was compiled on 10/21/08). The actual DVD calls this a “Preview” build of the game, which was given to gaming companies to endure. You may be saying to yourself, “why would this be good?”. Well, actually, it’s a very cool prototype. And is definitely what I want my KH2 prototype to be like once I get a chance to check it out.

This prototype basically has the following:

– DEBUG MENUS GALOR (tons of them, covering every aspect of the game)
– Minor mistranslations and spelling mistakes
– Some videos and cutscenes lack English dialog

To obtain this prototype, a donation fundraiser is required to cover the costs of paying for the game. And fortunetly, isn’t too steep. The release comes to about $225. And the great part is that as soon as the goal has been met, the game will be released immediately via MegaUpload.

Here’s the current status of the fund raiser:

Completed! The game was released by Borman / Superior Version in January 2010, thanks to everyone!

If you still have doubts about the prototype itself, you can view all the video footage available at www.justin.tv/borman18 (4 hours of footage)

Special thanks to Borman from SuperiorVersion.com for purchasing the prototype and allowing the opportunity for a public release! And thanks to DreamTR for allowing us to buy prototypes at nice prices as well. :)


Broken Circle [GBA – Cancelled]

Broken Circle is an unreleased rpg created by 7 Raven Studios. The game, which story was based on Nordic mythology, had a troubled development: publishers weren’t interested because it was too risky to cover the release costs for an unknown title that needed a big and expensive 256mbits cartridge.

By the time that the programmers managed to shrink Broken Circle to 64mbits, the console was at the end of its life and the only publisher interested in the game was not officially authorized by Nintendo.

In 2009, 7Raven Studios decided to release a rom of the game on its website, but now the download link is broken. The rom can be easily found with a google search, though.

Props to 7 Raven Studios for sharing Broken Circle with the community! If you are a collector, you can buy an official cart of Broken Cirlce for GBA thanks to Piko Interactive.




Merry Xmas: Super Mario World Beta Remake released!

Did you enjoy all those differences that can be noticed in the Super Mario World beta screenshots? What if Nintendo had stuck with some of their original material while creating the Super Mario World we know and love today? Well, this SMW hack will let you play the game how it may have been in its beta version!

Yoshi Master (AKA Randy from the U64 Staff) has finally released his beta remake of Super Mario World. This hack is based and inspired by all of the pre-release screenshots, unused materials, ancient interviews, and some minor assumptions revolving around SMW, and it’s creation.




You can check more screens from the real beta in the Super Mario World Beta page.

Most of the GFX were made by Randy, as well as the levels themselves. The bosses also each have something “beta” about them. Search the Super Mario World Beta Remake Hack  (Lunar IPS File) on Google

How to patch the game to activate the Super Mario World Beta Remake? It’s easy:

1) Get SNESTooL
2) Select ‘Use IPS’ (Press Enter)
3) Select the Super Mario World Beta IPS file
4) Select the Super Mario World (USA) ROM (you’ll have to find this one by yourself)
5) Play it in your favourite SNES emu

Have fun! This is the best christmas gift for every Super Mario World Beta lover and it’s free. Play it, share it with friends.