Land of the Dead (Day of the Zombie) [PC XBOX – Beta]

Land of the Dead (Day of the Zombie) [PC XBOX – Beta]

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green is a FPS based on the George Romero zombie horror movie Land of the Dead, that was developed by Brainbox Games (now Digital Extremes) and published in 2005 by Groove Games, for PC and the original XBOX. As we can read on Mobygames, the project was originally developed as a singleplayer PC game called “Day of the Zombie”, which had a 4 months development cycle and was ready for October 2004 release.

Day of the Zombie was shown to Universal Studios around the time the movie Land of the Dead was being filmed in Toronto, Canada (where Groove Games is headquartered) – this is how the license was secured. The game was ported to Xbox, multiplayer functionality was added and environments were added to tie the game to the movie.

In April 2009, a Youtube user posted a video from Day Of The Zombie, with a link to download a playable beta of the game. This leaked version is very similar to Land of the Dead, but it’s currently unknown if it’s really the original Day of The Zombie project or just a mod of the released game.

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3 thoughts on “Land of the Dead (Day of the Zombie) [PC XBOX – Beta]

  1. olskooler

    Day of the zombie was a seperate game to Land of the Dead, although both use the same engine & assets.
    Land of the dead was released on xbox and pc all around the world (in 2005), whereas Day of The Zombie was exclusive to pc & only released russia (in 2009) .

  2. xage

    No, I must correct you. Xbox LOTD was only a NTSC NorthAmerica release!

    ..but fortunately it also works on European PAL Xbox

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